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Want to start a blog and make money Blogging?

How To Start A Small Business Online

Hey New Biz Bestie! Thanks for showing up for the Epic Blogging Business Launch, the only Step By Step Guide For anyone looking to Make Money Blogging. This is an entirely free course! And I'm so excited to  have you venture into this journey with everyone joining in on the Online Gold rush.

 Buckle up, you are in for an amazing ride! I’m going to take you through my in-depth simple method to make money with your blog. 

My only regret today is that I didn't start sooner. 
How to start a blog with less than £100

My name is Eddie, and I'm a proud work from home dad, My business partner Chucks and I are both parents, and if there is one thing we both have been short of, is time, money and freedom to work flexibly to suit our parenting responsibilities.

And that's what got us thinking!

What if we could entirely change the way we work, The kind of money we make and be in control of where we choose to work from?

 Imagine, waking up every morning, having not to worry about the traffic jam, grumpy and whinge boss who stands by the clocking machine to shame and ridicule those who come to work late! It felt like a dream lifestyle!

Not until recently, freedom to work at our own chosen time, make as much money or as little money as we want every month, was a distant dream. Blogging allows me the freedom and flexibility to be home to care for my kids, do school runs in between my work, while still earning money than I have ever earned, working the corporate 9-5 job.

What started as a side hustle blogging adventure, has quickly turned out to be the most profitable, fulfilling job I have ever dreamed of. Between blogging and consulting with other new blog beginners, I have been making a very healthy living online for years now.

And the best part is I have made good friends through blogging too, learned a wealth of knowledge along the way plus many other perks that come with starting a blog.

My primary goal with this short note is to share what I have learned to help YOU achieve the same success I have been enjoying through blogging. I want to open your eyes to new ways of making money while you sleep,share with you how this journey can change your life and make dreams become reality.


It ain't for the faint heart, I must point out! But I love it!

I will provide all of the necessary tools needed to have your blog launched and on it’s way to profitable success by the end of this 5 day course.

A little progress each day makes a difference and it adds up to big results. To my new new blogging students I always tell them that results won't happen without taking action. And results won't happen over night. 

Be patient and be committed. Your success is solely dependent upon you. You got this! I believe in you, and I am here to help you along the way. I want you to succeed.

Because if you do, you will add up to the growing list of millionare bloggers who earn ridiculously insane amount of Money every month.

Some reasons to start a blog

Inspire others - You have the power to inspire and change lives. For both yourself and your readers. It's an amazing gift. New Friends - Whether it's through comments, emails or groups, you will make lots of new friends that you will treasure for a lifetime. That within itself is invaluable.

Spend more time with your family. The flexibility will allow you to never miss a beat in your family's lives.

Make Money - Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. Like any business, it takes hard work and dedication to build your empire. You will earn money if you invest the time.

The income potential is HUGE. 

Many bloggers are earning over $30,000-$100,000 per month. But you have to want it. You must stay focused.

Freedom - Leave that 9-5 behind, and take control of your own life on your own terms. Travel, family trips, events and whatever else you want to do! Don't allow anyone else to be in charge of your destiny.

New Opportunities - The blogging community is a very unique group of talented individuals. It's exciting connecting with like-minds and helping each other pave the way to success. It's an amazing experience, and opens the door to many fun opportunities throughout your blogging journey.

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover:

  • Day 1: Picking Your Niche + Blog/WordPress Set Up
  • Day 2: Blogging Basics - Logo, Social Media & Email Capture
  • Day 3: Creating Quality Content
  • Day 4: Monetization Methods - How to Make Money Blogging
  • Day 5: Blog Promotion + Traffic It might sound like a lot, but let’s remember you are building a money making business. 

Stay focused and motivated, and you’ll be able to go through this course like a breeze! Stay committed! Most will sign up for the FREE courses offered here by Data Race Hero and never take action. Don't let that be you.

You will always have that "what if" in the back of your mind. That was me for years. I suffered from analysis paralysis for SO long, and never took action.

You can't change your life without trying. What if you could be making $5,000 per month from your blog a year from now? Or $30,000 per month in less than 2 years? How would that change your life? You signed up for this course for a reason, so let's get started right now! First homework assignment - Join the Small Scale Business Ideas Facebook Group and introduce yourself.

Take this as a bonus, we just created a brand new Facebook group called Small Scale Business Ideas. The purpose of this group is:

  • To help you succeed. It's a place to connect with like-minds and other bloggers and help each other create and maintain a profitable blog.
  • A place to share our wins, struggles, strategies and dedicated share days to help each other grow our traffic and increase our sales.
  • Networking with other bloggers is a crucial part of your journey, so join the group HERE, read the group rules and introduce yourself.

Let's grow this group (and our income!) together.

 I'm excited to get to know you!

Note: When you subscribe to our email list or join the small scale Business Ideas Facebook Group you will instantly get access the 5 day email course, one is sent out each day to avoid overwhelm. But if you're anything like me, super impatient and ready to power through to the next steps, then inside the facebook group you will have access to all 5 days upfront for those that wish to skip ahead.

Please go at your own pace, whether it's one day at a time or powering through all 5 days in 2 days. Keeping in mind that you must still follow each step in order if you want to create a successful profitable blog . Ready to get started? Click continue for Day 1 of Make Money Blogging!

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