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Talking about website conversion rate these days sounds like rocket science. With the growing cost of advertising on Facebook and pretty much any other traffic generation, you need your website conversion rate to be on point for you to break even.

That is why if you are designing your website, you shouldn't ignore taking into account the impact website conversion rate has on your overall eCommerce conversion.

​What is the average website conversion rate?

Now with big boys like Facebook, Google and others continuously singing the gospel of eCommerce conversion rate, you possibly are wondering what the average website conversion rate that's acceptable in the new day of cost-driven social traffic generation is?
It all depends on what you price leads generated from your traffic, and who is funding your marketing campaign.

If your website can deliver a 30% conversion rate for every £100 you spend to bring in 100 leads for a product selling at £40 a pop, and you will need your self-liquidating offer to convert at 3 to bring in £120.

Now my question is, would that be an acceptable website conversion rate for you? Often times many digital marketers tend to speculate what e-commerce website conversion rates are ideal, and they will even throw some numbers like 5.3% or 11.7% is the best. But for me, I take a different approach to my Facebook advertising conversion rates.

If I am able to bring in 100 new leads, to my offer at the same rate stipulated above, what would stop me to scale it up to 1000 leads?



Setting goals for your business or eCommerce is essential to increase your chances of succeeding at what you do.

What goals allow you to do is break your journey into small bite-sized chunks which can easily be achieved without the overwhelm many folks suffer.

What Forms Of  Growth Strategies ?

Growth Strategies are an integral part of a small business plan's mission intent over time. Do you want to dominate and conquer your niche market? Is your business predisposed to penetrate, and expand market reach or are you well prepared to expand your product line to become a household name and leader of the industry you work in?

With all these ambitions, you will need a robust strategy to conquer your industry one step at a time.

The dilemma for many start ups almost in every niche market we have worked with is surviving the first five years of their trading. 

There are key performance indicators that can help you see if your business will cross over the five year curse and possibly have a short at cracking into the 10 year league. 

Most importantly there is the one thing many of these successful stories have in common, a progressive growth strategy in place to help them navigate daily huddles to glory.

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    Value Proposition. Does you business have a concise value proposition?
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    Find An Ideal Customer. We solve problems for SMB, Who is your Target Audience?
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    Define Key Indicators. Change in Business is inevitable, do you know how to measure it's impact? Call us Data crazed enthusiasts ourselves! Heck! What would we do with no A/B testing? If you are making business decisions based on data, you will always win.
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    Verify Revenue Streams. Revenue stream choices will have a huge roll in your growth plan, is there potential for growth?  Are Current revenue streams  sustainable? 
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    Keep Your Competition at Arms Length. Do not neglect what your competitor is excelling at than you do. Keeping them in check means you can see through your weaknesses and don't be afraid to question or probe your USP over the competition. Sometimes all you need is as simple as repositioning.
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    Where Is Your Business Focus? While rooting out weakness in your business makes sense, time and effort spent  could be the difference you need to remain competitive. Rethinking your approach can help you see if  swimming against the tide or not will help your business.

Talent in any business is a precious commodity, unless you learn to attract, nurture and grow talent, you will always play catch up with competition.

The one thing I have learned from many businesses I have launched, no growth strategy is fit for all businesses. With so much changes the industries are experiencing, it's fair to say that you need to be ubiquitous and agile.

If your business decisions are based on someone else's growth hacking, you must be fooling yourself to think you have a business. The key here is Modelling the Growth strategy

Need Help In Modelling An Epic Growth Strategy?

Want to Get More Leads?

We can not stress enough about Data collection, tracking and A/B testing. Your business data collection are key to your growth strategy. Let data speak for itself and lend you a helping hand in dealing a gut wrenching blow to your competition. Business owners who learned to let data lend itself to key business decisions now know that best decisions made with data come along with peace of mind and stress-free week in and out.

Starting A Business? You Need A No Nonsense Plan

Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Business?

Accepted rules of doing things in business is probably not my strength, am a complete opposite of a proper conformist, instead I tend to find my own ways  of doing things faster, cheaper and effective . What I do not do is assume the role of a pioneer and trail brazzer. Instead I work by

Modeling what is working best and making it even better for myself as well as my clients. 

Real change is sometimes achieved by remodeling successful business models that work. We do this through what is commonly known as Funnel Hacking.

Want to Learn More about Funnel Hacking?

Looking to bring in new leads and buyers into the business now does not require giving away call backs and private consult just to give the advice freely. These were the most effective way of giving value to customers then. In this day and age of Blogs, Private group Masterminds, Youtube Videos and Pinterest, you only have to provide free content via these channels to inform, recruite, educate and attract new leads.

But you don't have to know how to do all the tedious work involved in creating content, Video training, data collection, campaign management, tracking and lead generations! HIRE US to run your PPC, Video training creation, Pinterest content, blog content and many more .

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