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Email Marketing: Increase Sales, Generate Quality Business Leads With Email Marketing

Email marketing and social media are an integral part for small and medium businesses that are seeking to grow their customer reach with the help of re-targeting technology, and email list building it's butter that gels quality lead generation, customer life cycle nurturing and many more.

As an Email Marketing agency in Manchester, our goal is to help you and your business create highly responsive email marketing campaigns, so you can engage with your potential customers at any level of their life-cycle from lead generation, drumming up product and service awareness all the way to becoming a new buyer or bringing back repeat customers to your business.

Email Marketing agency manchester
Email Marketing Agency Manchester

 What Do Our Email Marketing Packages Include?

Email Design

Our team of experienced email marketing and sales design will create your highly optimized email sequence designed to engage, convert and nurture your email list.


Email Sending Service

Let our team of email marketing automation minions do the heavy lifting of your email sending and testing conversion metrics of your email marketing directly from your email list database without requiring you to lift a finger.


Email Marketing List Management

Our team manages, optimizes and filters all your email marketing lists to make sure that your re-targeting and ad campaigns are getting the best results possible for your business .

Email Marketing Integration

Our team of experienced email marketing and sales design will integrate your website with an email list building subscriber form and landing pages for your email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Re-targeting

Identifying warm leads that could potentially grow from follower to a lead is a skillset you can use when you partner with us. Because we want your business to grow and succeed in digital marketing, our team of email marketing specialists will setup all pixels and automation plus testing conversion metrics of your email marketing directly from your email list database without requiring you to lift a finger.

Email Marketing Lead Magnets And Content Creation Management

Provide value to your customer base through story-telling, product/service awareness through our team of sales and digital marketing who will manage, optimize and filters all your email marketing lists to make sure that you are able to re-targeting and create marketing campaigns that gets the best results possible for your business .

Targeted Email Marketing Services Types in Our Offer

Our Targeted Email Marketing Services on our offer makes sure that we’ll Find Your Dream business marking position from a point of strength through Our Wide Range of Email Marketing services.

Most businesses who hire our Targeted Email Marketing Services are experts at what they do and they know that they need local Targeted Email Marketing Services specialists to help them grow their business while they focus on doing what they know best.

Let's Find Your Dream Targeted Email Marketing Service Package

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What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

Wondering if Email Marketing is beneficial to your business?

There are no shortages of good reasons why your business must start to use Email Marketing. As Small and growing business, there are numerous benefits of email marketing. 

And I know this too well, because the majority of business owners, like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. So, if you are considering email marketing channels in 2019 and beyond, make sure that your digital marketing allows you and your business to accomplish key digital marketing goals for your business. 

This can be either lower advertising costs for your Facebook or Instagram ads campaign or increase brand penetration and product awareness.

So, if you are wondering, what are the benefits of email marketing...

Here are the benefits of email marketing:

  • Build credibility. 
  • Generate qualified leads (calls). 
  • Strengthen relationships. 
  • Improve communication. 
  • Build or boost your business brand penetration. 
  • Boost sales. 
  • Lower advertising costs through re-targeting by learning what works with facebook advertising paired with email marketing. 

How Do You Email A Marketing Campaign?

Wanna know How pros Do their Email  Marketing Campaigns? Keep Reading...

If you are beginning your email marketing, it's not complicated to whip up together an email marketing campaign when you understand it as your customer's journey through your sales funnel pipeline. 

When clients hire us to create and run their email marketing campaign, we always begin with understanding the customer journey also known as customer experience.

Ask any competent digital marketing agency, and they will tell you that all robust and successful email marketing campaigns are centered at accomplishing few key business goals. 

Whether that is to start generating fresh leads by cultivating an engaged email list full of a brand or product fanbase that grows into potential qualified leads that are interested in what you have to offer, or it could be focused on how to bring back previous buyers, who bought and experienced your offers. ...

So, if you are wondering, how do you do an email marketing campaign...

Here's how to run your successful email marketing campaign (Step by Step):

  1. Build a highly segmented email marketing campaigns for better-targeted Email List. 
  2. Know And Precisely Target Your Email Marketing Campaign Goals. 
  3. Understand Email Types. 
  4. Know Your Audience. 
  5. Use Pixel Re-targeting Technology Wisely. 
  6. Craft highly Converting email marketing Opt-ins. 
  7. Plan Your Emails Marketing Drip and Followup sequence.
  8. Craft Your Subject Line.

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