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Face Book Advertising For Real Estate

Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

Facebook ads for real estate agents

Facebook ads for real estate agents

Do you advertise on Facebook as a real estate agent? If you are, that’s awesome! But if you considering getting started, then this post breaks down everything you need to know to start running Facebook ads as a real estate agent.

Facebook ads to any real estate agents are a real Godsend. And there are good reasons why that is:

For a start, Facebook advertising has opened a new way of bringing in highly targeted leads effortlessly, but also FB ads have ushered a new way of targeting and retargeting your ideal market in so many ways than it was possible long before Facebook came along.

Throughout the entire history of buying and selling real estate, the industry has been predominantly challenging to make headway with lead generation using the traditional methodologies of lead gen, thanks to digital marketing, today anyone with the know-how can generate leads online using facebook as a tool of choice.

Why Facebook Advertising Is So Popular In Recent Days?

Facebook advertising is continuously exploding at the moment, so if you are wondering, why Facebook ads are so popular, well the way how quickly facebook ads are able to quickly deliver results when any business tries to reach people or markets you have never reached before is the main driver at the moment.

With Facebook ads, all you have to do is micro-target your audience and zone in on the market you are interested. The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can also promote your business at a fraction it costs for many of the other traditional business promotion methods.

How Does Facebook Ads Work?

There are three things you need to know to understand how Facebook ads work. There are three key parts you need to understand before you start advertising on Facebook.

  1. You need an offer to promote (Freebie or Premium)
  2. You need a system to use for capturing leads effectively
  3. You need high quality targeted traffic from your audience

 The change for most realtors advertising on Facebook today is that they are only aware of very little known facts about how to effectively advertise a real estate business .

Instead many realtors advertise on Facebook with little to no knowledge on how the back end of the lead capture mechanism is set to work with a Facebook campaign to generate leads, drum up more business opportunities and capture leads effortlessly.

Before we set our ads on Facebook let’s set up the lead capture system, the landing pages, and the follow-up sequence inside your autoresponder.

We need to set these pages and the autoresponder so we have an automated system that can capture leads and services your potential customers’ hands off when your Facebook campaign begin to deliver paid traffic from Facebook.

Facebook is your source of traffic, while the system connected to your autoresponder is your distribution channel.

In a nutshell, Facebook advertising is interruptive marketing, what it means is that Facebook is not really meant to be a place where people go to get bombarded with offers and advertisements. However, it is a good place to put your brand in front of eyeballs that probably would have not been in contact with your brand.

So if you are going to advertise on Facebook, you should be aware that there are stages or client acquisition life circles your campaign has to go before you see ROI.

Here is the client acquisition life cycle Before a potential customer becomes a lead:

Awareness Stage

This is where your Facebook campaign is precisely targeted at growing your brand awareness by putting your ads in front of people who have never interacted or heard of your brand name.

This is achieved through Facebook ads targeting capability, where you are able to create a lookalike audience through key data aggregation on and off Facebook to pinpoint an ideal audience you can advertise to with the aim of growing the reach of your brand. 

Consideration Stage Of Facebook Advertising Campaign

At a progressive stage, your targeted audience will want to seriously begin to look at your offering options with a potential to convert. Knowing that it takes more than one point of contact with a potential customer to make a sale, your Facebook campaign must, therefore, have a retargeting capability or capture the lead and have the option to follow up with them further retargeting or properly segmented email list sequence campaign.

Evaluation Stage 

At this stage of your Facebook ads for real estate agents, your customers will be at a point of comparing your brand offering against your competitors. Your goal is to make sure your Facebook ads are communicating your USP (unique selling point).

Decision Stage

This is a stage where now your potential client is likely to make either a buying or listing decision, and that begs for your Facebook ads campaign to cater for that and bring the sale home.

Now that you know the entire customer acquisition life cycle of your Facebook ads campaign, which one of these will your next facebook advertising campaign focus on?

Here, at Manchester’s Digitals advertising agency, we like to keep things simple. So instead of running up and down like headless chickens, when a realtor hires us to run their Facebook campaign, we all our efforts focused on driving brand awareness, while our Public relations team will zone in on consideration stage strategy and then have our community-based influencer marketing drive the evaluation effort, living the decision stage to sales team to finally close the deals.

So What Should Facebook Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Look Like?

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Realtors do come in different shapes and sizes, however, there are key performance indicators that you should never ignore to include in your next Facebook advertising campaign and these include:

Setting Facebook Campaign Specifics

Often times realtors tend to set vague advertising targets like increase awareness, even worse of all, increase likes to your facebook page! Instead, be specific and possibly smart about how you set your advertising campaign. You will be surprised at how successful your paid advertising campaign will turn out when you set up real tangible goals that are specific in nature.

A good facebook ads campaign should aim at making incremental gains across your traffic channels and sales conversion by a clearly marked goal percentage.

Set Measurable Ad Campaign Goals

Unlike radio advertising, where you get to splash your advertising budget and hope that you start to see your sales begin to tick in the right direction, Facebook ads can be set to be measurable and goal oriented. So make sure that you set up measurable goals.

Set Realistic And Attainable Goals For Your Campaign

If I could have my way, I would love a 100% growth in revenue, increased traffic footprint and astronomical conversion rates for every penny spent advertising on Facebook, unfortunately, that is not attainable or realistic. So if you are setting up your very own ad campaign, keeping things into perspective will help a lot.

Set Up Relevant Facebook Campaign

When setting your ad campaign, make sure that you are setting it up correctly to show to your relevant targeted audience. The beauty of Facebook advertising is that you can target a postcode/ zip code right inside your facebook ads manager dashboard. So think about your overall campaign objections and the goals you have in mind for the campaign.

Set Up Time-based Facebook Ads Campaign

While Facebook ads can deliver traffic instantly, Keep in mind that it takes up to 48 hours for Facebook algorithm to kick in and collect the relevant data it needs to deliver your ideal eyeballs to your offers. While you may also have goals to hit within a timeframe, make sure that you take into account all the logistics of your ad inventory running time so you can get the best out of your campaign.

Step By Step Guide To Setting Facebook Ads


To create your Facebook ads landing pages, you need a landing page builder. Click the link and see the best landing page builders you can use for your real estate agency.

What I like about the page builder I recommend for you here, is that anyone can use it to build landing pages as long as they can point and click as it is drag and drop. 

Make sure you check it out right here and see for your self how feature rich it is... Landing page builders provide ready made landing pages for anyone even if they have never used page builder before.

Select the one you like the most and we will proceed to the next step.


Once you have your landing page setup, you need to connect it to an autoresponder. Autoresponders allows your Facebook lead generation to be automated to provide you a complete system with a follow up sequence inside your Facebook campaign.

There are plenty of autoresponders you can choose from, Our choice for their reliability and features are Get Response and Aweber.

We have used these two for nearly six years now and we like them for their flexibility and they only cost like a cup of coffee a month...

About The AD Campaign​

There are three key parts that are crucial to your real estate Facebook ad campaign:

  1. The Campaign
  2. The AD SET
  3. The AD Copy 

Now at the campaign level, you have an opportunity as wide or as narrow as you be. However, for the sake of the success of your Facebook ad campaign, ignore all the noise around you and only focus to two forms of campaigns here:

  • Traffic Focused Campaigns
  • Engagement Type Of Campaign

Traffic Campaign

This is the type of campaign you can run to generate targeted eyeballs to your landing page with the aim of capturing leads. The beauty of this type of campaign is that you can re-target or run an email campaign to inform or educate your audience about your offering.

Engagement Campaign

This type of campaign is a content driven campaign where you get to create content for your audience with the sole purpose of driving up brand or service awareness to your targeted audience.

The Adset Level

The adset inside your Facebook ads manager, is your engine room where all your logistical events of your ads inventory are managed to facilitate key performance indicators so you are able to to filter in or out who should see or not see your ads, what is your daily or entire campaign budget, how long should your ads run on Facebook and where should your ad inventory should appear. 

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