How Do Bloggers Get Paid

Wondering How Do Bloggers Make Money?

There are plenty of ways bloggers earn money online, and these include:

  1. Physical Product
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Pay Per Click also known as Adsense
  4. CPM And Performance Ad Networks
  5. Freelancing And Job Boards
  6. Kindle Publishing
  7. Online Course Creation
  8. Personal Branding/ Influencer Economy
  9. Coaching/Mentoring
  10. Keynote Speaker/ Public Speaking
  11. Premium Workshop & Event Organization
  12. Paid Webinar Series
  13. SEO/ Business Consulting


Small Business Ideas List

I could give you the most extended small business ideas list and hope that you will get inspired to take on one and make money from it. Who knows you might end up making enough to fire your boss like I did some time back finally.

My goal in this post is to do a post that focuses on showing you, the potential of this blogging business, how bloggers get paid.

And if you want to start a blog, you certainly do not want to miss this series of Blog Posts that shed more light on how bloggers earn a living from blogging about stuff they love or passionate.

Personally, I am handsomely rewarded with your presence on my blog by Money I make selling my computer wizardly in the SEO, Sales Funnel Design and sometimes writing code for business apps.
What that means is I get paid well by business owners who want to scale their earning potential, either by adding more value to their proposition or through a highly optimized blog that converts followers to fans, then fans to customers and brand ambassador.

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Unique Business Ideas Keyword Research Methodology

Find Better Business Ideas For  working from Home

Similarly, there are plenty of folks who get paid for sharing political opinions, gardening or Landscaping, even teaching online language science and Maths.

Lately, I have also been getting paid to blog about how the blogging business works, how am diversifying my investment portfolio by going into some weird yet very profitable investments opportunities(not related to a blog) making insane money one can only dream.

I want to hand you the keys to the financial freedom, only if you are willing to put in the work. Because the assumption that blogging is lazy money or somewhat get rich quick schemes is not what we do here.

What we do best is offer you the exact blogging blueprint that provides a lifetime Hand holding walk-through, step-by-step, from the entry and exit points for this proven Startup strategies.

Hidden Content

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Why Start A Blog?

If you’re like many of us, who decided to finally say bye to the 9-5 daily grind in exchange for a work from home alternative, the primary reason for getting into Internet Marketing(because that’s what blogging is) was the freedom it affords you, working from home.

It’s great to have the freedom to choose when to work and for how long you want to do the work for. But the most gratifying of all for many work from home jobs is being able to spend more time with family, have flexibility throughout the day, and to NOT have the stress that comes with the daily grind of most jobs.

But let’s be honest, most full-time internet marketers have just that, a job! And most part-time internet marketers have it worse off than those with typical jobs! They come home from their job; then they WORK online.


Because there are many forms or let’s say business models a blog can take, and if you are not mindful enough, you would think to start a blog will free up your time, however, in reality, you could end up getting tied up in more work, and less time for family.

Some forms of blogging business models are what I call a treadmill type of business model. They make money when you work at them, and if you stop, the money dries up too.

If you ask me, this is not the kind of business I want for you to run. The type of blogs I love to start is those that can earn money passively when you do the work once, and continue to rip the benefits of my labor for years to come.

Most Internet Marketers, just like most other human beings, are far too interested in short-term profits and not interested enough in long-term profits.

Because of this, they do not reinvest enough of their profits into things like outsourcing and automation.

The mindset is similar to that of my nephew. He came to me recently asking me to help him start a business leveraging his skill at fixing mobile devices. I gave him a business plan that, if put into action, would have multiplied his income in a few short months.

Then, I gave him a little money to give him a head-start. A month later I checked in on him, and he said he used the money I gave him to buy a couple of broken phones, which he fixed and then sold for a profit. But he “needed the money” so now he’s back to square one… broke.

So, he continues to live this pathetic hand to mouth lifestyle, month after month, fighting an uphill battle. Because he doesn’t want to suffer a few months of hard work to get his business up and running by frontloading(doing the work in advance for years to come).

Starting A Profitable Blog Is A Mindset

Starting a blog is like prophesy, and your state of mind is what makes or breaks you! Like my nephew, many folks are at war with themselves, trying to wrestle two conflicting thoughts and self-doubt.
Mindset is a huge problem here, and my nephew is not alone, because having little to no money even for a few months is not acceptable for many.

Sure, bills have to be paid. I get that. But let’s be honest, how much money could you be investing in your business that you’re not?

How much are you spending on:

  • fast food
  • soda/pop
  • pay per view movies/events
  • Shake Shake
  •  etc….

The list goes on. Fill in the blanks for your situation I couldn’t care less what you do with your money than tell you that things got to change!

Here’s my challenge for you. Add it up. Figure out what the dollar amount is that goes toward unnecessary expenses each month (both personal and business) and write that number down.

Now make a list of things you could spend that money on each month that would result in more money in your pocket.

Things like:

1. Hiring A VA (virtual assistant)

Who can prescribe your recorded audios into a blog post, edit and post those blogs, take care of various social media tasks for you plus many more while you are getting plastered at Bwandiro? You can even find one on and pay hourly with no time requirement.

Only have $200/m. to spend on a VA? Fine. Find one for $10/h. and that’s 20 hours! That’s a LOT of time being spent by someone ELSE on YOUR business!

2. Doing Facebook or Adwords Ads

If you already have a good product or service, having an ad spend of just $100-$200/m. Can go a long way!

3. Leverage Automation Tools

There are all kinds of tools out there that can take care of redundant TIME WASTERS in your business. For example, I use this clever tool which is a Responsive Website Builder, Facebook automated messenger and List Building tool all in one, which has saved me tens of thousands on man hours and dollars from paid staff looking after my social media campaigns. If you can’t find one, take that money and put it toward the coding of a script that does just what you need it to do.

Now I want you to make another list. This list is for the things you spend time on in your business that you can reduce, get rid of totally, or outsource for cheap.

Once you’ve made your list, start knocking them out, one by one!

Realizing that successful businesses are built by working SMARTER not necessarily HARDER, was a turning point in our businesses. We’re confident it will be in yours as well … if you act on it.

Put this advice into action, and you will be working less while making [a lot] more!

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