how much do bloggers make

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

For nearly ten years now we’ve been making money online. We’ve literally made a good living out of blogging over the span of those ten years.

The good thing is we are not alone, so if you are wondering how much do bloggers make, I am just going to show you who is making money online and how much do those bloggers make from blogging alone.

I know what you are thinking… How much do bloggers make really?

Being skeptic about the claims of blogs making any money is a good thing, really I would question it if you did not.
And for a good reason, the blogging industry has seen its share of profound claims and hype from scrupulous internet marketers masquerading as bloggers who earn a good living from blogging.

how much do bloggers make

But I must ALSO point out to you, that not all of them are making the ridiculous kind of money we have witnessed in the influencer economy lately.

  • Many folks who start a blog the right way are making $1750/month within their first 90-120 days from launch.
  • Very few select are earning almost $50,000/month in their 12-24 months from launch.
  • Then there’s this growing list of six-figure bloggers, these are the ones making about $100,000.00/month.

I won’t go into the millionaire bloggers club considering the level of skepticism I am sensing around here!

But I will be glad to say we are holding our own ground here too.

So we run an all in one blog hosting membership club for new bloggers who are just starting their blogging journey. The perks of belonging to the blogging membership are enormous! From access to premium blogging strategies, proprietary sales funnels, private mastermind and many more.

We currently have about 750 members and growing. With a $49.99 membership, you get access to tools and training that gives you an unprecedented advantage over others who choose to go it alone.

Talking about skeptics, I have seen a great deal of resistance from family and friends who often speak to my partner and ask her “when are you going to kick your husband’s backside to go look for a real job?

Makes me laugh my lungs out!

Is Starting A Blog Worth The Hustle?

Starting a blog has always been seen as a hobby and nothing less of a glamorous type of job many people tend to look down upon.
I remember having a conversation with my partner about turning to a fulltime blogger. She looked at me and said, “you have kids who need you to put food on the table, so you better think twice about this because to me all this making money by blogging sounds like bloody unemployment!”

I understood then, my partner and I are not wired in the same way, she is a more cautious person who will not do anything outside her comfort zone. I am miles apart when it comes to taking calculated risks.

Only fools will jump into starting a blog without looking into the downside of failure against all the perks successful blogging business delivers.

But it also takes a great deal of persuasion to sway me away from what I believe and passionate about. And that brings me to a very important point about starting a blog.

There is a systematic formula for anyone starting a blog must follow for better results!

The blogging formula is really simple; You build a community, provide value, build trust and influence then you ask for a sale when the time is right. So if you are thinking of starting a blog, make sure you have a nibbling need to scratch even if money was not in the picture. If you are going to start blogging for money, two outcomes are very likely to happen:

  1. When you make the money, you will quickly lose interest and spark to carry on blogging.
  2. On the other hand, if you start blogging for while and you do not see the results much quicker, you will quit.

So if you are building a blog, make sure it is coming from a very well rooted passion to help others without expecting to rake in the money.

Knowing how insanely professional bloggers were raking in money from their blogs, I KNEW it was my job to assure my partner and acknowledge that failing to deliver on this blog would ruin our lives.

Given the fact that my partner also knew very little about the benefits of running a successful blog, it wasn’t surprising that she was adamant for me to go full time on blogging. In the end, she just couldn’t ignore that as a fulltime blogger:

  • We could work our hours tailored to our lifestyle.
  • Make more money in a month than a UK Prime minister earns in a year.
  • We could pack up our bags and travel the world as blogging allows us to work remotely.
  • We did not need to continually have to work to make money as blogging allows for us to earn money passively.

Iknow that you are tempted to throw in the towel and jump in to start a blog, so you too can live a life free from bosses who made you cry a handful times this year alone.

My advice for anyone starting a blog is that, MAKE SURE to read this guide on how to start a profitable blog before you sack your boss!
Frankly speaking, you only have to look at how much bloggers make to stop and say why didn’t I start a blog a long time ago?

Starting a blog can be exciting and possibly is the one job I have never tired or whined! I could literally do it for free!

But I have also seen things change significantly over the years I have been a blogger. Internet Marketing today is much different than internet marketing in 2010.

One thing has not changed though; Internet Marketing is FULL of people who care about nothing other than making money, no matter how it may affect their customers and subscribers.

But really even that has changed. It has changed for the worse! Never has there been a time when so much low-quality junk has been pushed, with such a high rate of hype, as there is today in many Internet Marketing circles. So if you are considering of starting a blog, do not just think that blogging is a quick way to make money.

Think of blogging as your platform to help others solve real-life problems and not otherwise.

I have seen so much sleaze being listed for sale, asking people to pay what seems to be a low price for a GREAT product, only to be told that “this product isn’t going to do you much good unless you buy ‘this’ along with it.” Then you get a similar pitch for 2 or three more products or add-ons before you finally get the product you paid for.

If that’s not bad enough the product you initially paid for ends up being FAR less spectacular than promised!

I have a hunch you know EXACTLY what I mean.

SO, what am I getting at here?

What allowed us to stand out and do well in with our blog in the Internet Marketing era, and what continues to let us stand out and do well, is that we are driven by really helping people!

If you think about it, nearly all successful businesses help people in some way, so it should be a no-brainer, but in Internet Marketing, not so!

When you consider new products … new content … new methods, think about how this can help people, not how this can make you money. If you are wondering how much do bloggers make, you only have to ask how much are you willing to go down to help others through your blog?

Of course, you need to make money from blogging. Otherwise, it’s a charity, and your bills aren’t paid. But the overall motivating factor should always be how much it’s going to help people.

If THAT aspect is there, you will almost always make good money from it.

Sell GOOD products, and people will WANT you to sell to them. It is something that genuinely will help them!

Do that, and you will quickly stand out among the snake oil salesmen of IM! You’ll get loyal subscribers/customers who will come back again and again because they know what you sell them is going to help them.

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