How to Become A Beauty Blogger On Instagram

How to Become A Beauty Blogger On Instagram

How to Become A Beauty Blogger On Instagram

In this blog post, I share with you how you could have your cake and eat it if you have been looking into How to Become A Beauty Blogger On Instagram.

You see being a blogger on Instagram turned out to be a very profitable business for me, and many other Instagrammers have turned their presence on Instagram into serious business and all this is possible through a simple three Step distribution system that starts with just your Instagram and A WordPress Blog.

My goal for sharing this is with the hope that you too would learn how to start a money making blog with just a few dollars. I have also included a Web Hosting coupon so you don’t have to worry about where to find a WordPress hosting provider.

My humble beginning in the blogging business started with Bluehost web hosting. They are probably the cheapest web hosting provider after Datarace Hero. If you are considering of starting a blog, you can actually get started with your blog for as little as $3.75 a month 

How to become a beauty blogger on Instagram may be a dream for many of you, and you might be wondering if it is possible to start a blog and make money.

You read about social media or what is commonly known as Instagram influencers who are charging a jaw-dropping $25000 for a single post to their Instagram account, and you start wondering how is that even possible?

Truth is the digital economy is on steroids at the moment, and if you play the game right, you might as well create your very own cash cow off Instagram!

Wondering how to become a beauty blogger on Instagram?

My Life today is a myriad of uncommon favors, Considering my background. And it’s not entirely credited to my academic qualifications either.

While many of my peers have bragging rights for learning complex molecular formulas in organic synthesis, and thermodynamics while studying their college chemistry, I didn’t have such luxuries. And that did not stop me from carving my own cosmetics empire when I started a beauty and skin care blog a few years ago.

The sad thing is even after all those complex scientific formulas at school; the majority of my peers never learned any practical skills that they can directly apply to a science job in the industry. And that’s the typical weed killer among the HR dilemma across the globe.

Inspiring success journeys to starting a blog and making money online undoubtedly wasn’t an overnight success for everyone.

Others have had to work at it for years before they saw any return on their investment, while other applied some careful social strategies, to grow significant followings pretty much overnight, giving them enormous leverage and turning the power dynamics of the industry upside down.

My story wasn’t anywhere near perfect. And yours will not even come anywhere near mine either.

I just know that Starting a blog might be right for you especially when you have so many blogging models to learn from or to just hack off (Knock-off Products) which is a useful way for you as a blogger.

Starting a blogger has allowed me to hack into the cosmetic industry without the scientist required qualification. And the one thing I have learned Is that you can never reinvent the wheel.
If starting a blog or becoming a beauty blogger on Instagram is your dream, the chances are that you are probably enticed by the influencer economy that has gripped the digital marketing.

Nothing wrong with it, provided you know that it is built on viral content. As an Instagram influencer, you will need to be equipped with simple content strategies and techniques to achieve viral growth.

There are plenty of growth methods which range from technical tips to thwart Instagram’s algorithm, to psychological tricks to develop a solid, engaged following. But none of these efforts will count for anything unless you have a solid exit strategy.

An exit strategy is all about putting in place watertight long-term goals; you can surely build a long-lasting business on top of your viral content. What will count more, in the end, is how you channel your leveraged influence into a never-ending faucet of revenue streams.

Throughout my blogging career, I have frequently been faced with the task of funnel-hacking(modeling) or knocking-off a competitor’s formula so that I can get ahead.

Trust me; this is standard practice in the cosmetic industry for a good reason.
• Modeling your blog off other successful bloggers is the fastest way to making money with your blog.
• Targeting generic and profitable products means It is easier to manufacture your very own white label product from a pool of proven successful products.
• Success stories in the marketplace provide proof & a guarantees that failure is not an option as there is less or mitigated risk
• Modeling your product off Companies that have deep pockets and are continually running trials to solve the same problems
• It’s expensive and challenging to create a genuinely new product from scratch

If you are dreaming of becoming a blogger on Instagram, you better have a plan for what you want your Instagram influence to turn into a few months down the road.
The ever-increasing growth of cosmetics demand in diverse markets is opening possibilities for many folks to cash on the Instagram traffic.

The burgeoning middle-class in developing countries especially is demanding for premium cosmetic products. How prepared are you to cash in on these growing trends?

If you are planning on starting a blog as a business, then you should know that there is an immense opportunity for growth even as a new entrant into the cosmetics world.
As long as you have a plan for your blog, there is a considerable scope of opportunity for everyone with an idea.

Globally, the cosmetics industry is said to surpass a 429 billion dollar mark by 2022. This goes to show that opportunities for starting small are very much on the winning track.

I want to start a blog! Show me how to become a beauty blogger on Instagram!

So you want to start a beauty blog and eventually turn it into a cosmetics marketing channel huh!
The United States food and drugs Administration is you first place to start. Their website is a troll of information you need to understand the laws that govern the manufacturing, labeling and distribution of cosmetics products on a global stage.

If you nail down USDA regulations, you can manufacture, label and ship your cosmetics anywhere in the world without looking over your shoulders; it’s that simple!

Choose Your Working Space

If you are like me when I started, you probably do not have tens of thousands in the bank to afford lease of an office or high street space for your work.

Instead, work from home, and just pay for your lab testing at the nearest colocation lab where all equipment including scientists who are experts in cosmetology can perfect your recipe to the dot.
Renting a fully staffed laboratory allowed me to experiment with my recipes, manufacture the products and label them all in one place full of equipment I couldn’t afford in a billion years.

Choose Your Niche Market

They say chasing two rabbits you run the risk of not catching any, so if you want your cosmetics business to flourish, you will need to pick an area of specialization.
Are you going to make Halaal Cosmetic, will you be selling acne treatment cosmetics or will you be going into organic natural beauty products over synthetics?
When you choose your niche well, it gives you an opportunity to create an audience that’s ready for your product line through the creation of intent marketing content on your blog.

Choose Distribution Channels

We highly recommend choosing an online distribution channel here. If you choose to sell your products through an online platform, you will need to set up an e-commerce website or a blog.

Many new business startups assume that starting a blog is what makes money, making money with a blog comes in different forms,(to be discussed later in detail). With your blog to hand, either you will get paid for recommending products you have used and found to be useful, or you pass on the potential buyer to another traffic aggregator for further referrals.

In our blog monetization training, we call this the first phase of your building blocks.
The process is straightforward, you start a blog, grow or build a readership, along with it you will develop an email list and a social community.

when the time is right for you to monetize your blog you will use carefully selected affiliate products to recommend to your email list as well as your readers.

Develop A Concise Marketing Plan

If you need to have a direction, you need a marketing plan for your guidance.
Throughout your communication with your community, you will have to be intentional and methodical, introducing your brand of private labeled products to your fanbase. All the way counting down to when you finally launch your brand of the cosmetics line, your marketing message should be embedded in every piece of print you share. Everything from pricing strategies, to distribution costing.

Test Your Products

Your blog fan base is your stomping ground for testing the waters with everything to do with launching your cosmetics line. What you want to do is use this testing as your opportunity to drum up interest by running a competition or exclusive launch for beta testing. Collect feedback and improve on the final finishing and you are ready for launch.

And there you have it now! What started as a How to Become A Beauty Blogger On Instagram has quickly translated into a real business selling physical products. If you need help in your quest to becoming an instagram blogger, get intouch by leaving a comment below this post or fill the contact form and we will be happy to help.

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