There is very little difference in people, And you know this already because you call it first impressions.  For years the human brain has been conditioned to care enough that first impressions are what matter more than anything. Whether you are building business relationships, job interviews or trying to win new business in your company.  but that little difference makes  a big difference.  The little difference is an attitude.  And the big difference is whether it is positive or negative. I guess you are wondering and asking, HEY Eddie, What the difference here? As you all take on this journey to financial freedom, your determination and commitment is what will set you apart. Think of a 100-kilometer journey that would take you 90 days to complete. As a team, halfway through your journey to your financial destiny, some of you will be tempted to give up. So you have walked 50 kilometers of your 100 kilometers, at 50 kilometers you say I give up and am going back.  The others stay committed and continue to press on.  The interesting part of this scenario is that both people get to travel the same distance.  One group will do halfway and return back to where they started, while the other will do the whole 100 kilometers and reach their goals. You will need to stay committed to reaching your goals. Because only committed people outlast their difficulties and rise up to the occasion to win. When you are the few committed people, you will stay committed even though there is an opportunity to revert back to default and take that 9 to 5 job.  The one thing I love about commitment is that the committed people are more than willing to do even more than they have to. Listen, it’s easy to get attracted to the trappings of this blogging lifestyle.  You see others living the life of their dreams, no morning alarm clocks, no boss to answer to and certainly no earnings capping!  You may have an area of your life that you just gave up or simply just choose to procrastinate and not be the best version of what you are really capable of achieving.  You need a partner who can call you out and give you a kick in the backside just in time so you do not give up.  Accountability to your actions does not happen just because you are always in the high spirits.  Being accountable means accepting that if you do not carry the load, no one else will.  Its a lot easier to look out in the rear mirror and start connecting the dots. Except for most of you, the focus is on what did not work, who hurt our feelings.  Listen, even the greatest eventers the world has ever produced have documented how much they had failed before they finally struck gold.  When you start a blog or start to build an online business, a lot will not go your way.  If you get hung on the idea that I tried this, and it did not work, you will quickly lose that entrepreneurial spirit and revert to default.  In my time of life, I have been privileged to know a few people who got lucky with a quality education.  Since graduation, they have moved from one boring job to the next simply because they are chasing the dream of job security.  They say, Am better off being a government or corporate employee for the next 45 years as long as am guaranteed for a decent retirement package.  For the few, it has worked out, but for the majority, they ended up losing the same safe job and lived the rest of their life regretting and blaming everything wrong in their lives at others.  What man who seeks security hands over the very same keys to safety off to strangers.  Starting a blog and finally building my own business is probably the best thing I have ever done to guarantee my retirement. You too could do the same and get started today.  If you tried and failed before, now is time to start fresh with fresh ideas and a good focus on what is in store for you in the future. If you can’t let go of your past failure, it will cloud your judgment and poison your bright future. And there you have it folks for today. If you loved what we had for you this week, remember to smash that like button. Links to more resources are below this video in the show notes, make sure to check that out.

How to keep making money As A blogger

For all I know about making money as a blogger, there are levels or call them stages from which you can apply simple ways to make you money online.

This post focuses on beginner bloggers, so if you are an intermediate, probably you won’t find anything new except for my best tips and unique methods of increasing conversions, segmenting your email list efficiently and how to make the most money you can make online from the smallest audience possible.

Bloggers have been making online money decades, when the opportunity knocked, I JUMPED at it and never looked back. Having been told that making money from your blog was only possible from scores of traffic, I was resigned to the Idea that it would take me ages to make a dime online.

Fortunately, within my first three months, I had already started making money and by the time I reached for the 24 months mark blogging, I had figured out how to make money and even help others to start their blogging journey!

If there is anything I have learned over the past few years I have been a blogger, is making money online is much more like a moving target. Those who have long-term earning abilities have quickly mastered how to adapt to the needs of the internet marketing space.

Everyone is teaching how to start a blog. What most blogging Gurus do not explain is how to garner for long-term sustainability of the business you are creating.In this post, I’d like to go over a couple of the reasons why we continue to make money every month, every year and every decade.

If you look at the principles we will outline in this post, there is no luck involved for me to successfully start a blog and earn money online working from home. There is a system that anyone can learn from and be able to do the same, as well!

The first thing to be aware of is that nothing stands still. What that means is you have to modify your approach to online business as time, circumstances and people change.

Now that is not to say that the changes are necessarily massive, but it does mean that you should be alert to changes when they occur.

As an example, we have been posting on our blog about Youtube, video creation and the opportunities that exist online over the past few months because it is a “big thing” and it is getting bigger every month.

It would be foolhardy to ignore that trend, and it would be wise to get ahead of the curve with the trend.

Those who are taking action now will see the benefits later. Those who try to join in later will always be playing catch up.


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Youtube has made selling, building brands and growing your online presence through Video massive because people are now consuming video more frequently than ever before.

There are technical reasons why that happens, such as increased bandwidth and better technology regarding mobile devices. Whatever the reason behind it, smart marketers are taking advantage of it as much as they can.

In our own business, we found that using video increased sales, so it was a pretty easy decision to continue doing so.

Another thing to be aware of – and to do – is that you can and should reuse and re-purpose your content, services, and products to fit different niches and sub-niches.

For example, if you have content and a product to do with weight loss a lot of the core information will be relevant to teenagers wanting to lose weight as well as mothers who have just had a baby.

A mistake that we see many inexperienced marketers make is that they try to cover every niche with a single product. The targeted focus is more likely to result in revenue!

What you should be doing is re-purposing your content and your products to serve the specific needs of the more niche markets. This is something we do ourselves by creating products that serve a very niche target market from our existing technology.

In that way we get the best use of the technology that we develop but best of all we managed to meet the needs of a larger group of people by doing so.

Another way to continue to earn money on a long-term basis is to take advantage of whatever ranking techniques are working right now. Whatever you have done in the past, even if it works well, may need updating because the algorithm for ranking is something that changes regularly. If you’ve ever created a website and had it rank well, you might have found that the ranking slips over time.


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Using the latest techniques to bring the rankings back, or get a boost in the rankings, means you have more site visitors which gives the potential for more revenue.

Another way to continue to make money on a long-term basis is to focus on those needs which are evergreen.

There are certain things which people will do today, tomorrow and probably the rest of time. In the off-line world, it’s obvious that the need for food is not going away anytime soon and people will be buying food forevermore.

If you look at the type of entertainment that people enjoy, even now, books and music and films are still near the top of the list. These are evergreen offerings.

Do you think people will want to lose weight next year and the year after? They will. That’s what makes weight loss an evergreen topic. There are many, many more such niches.

In our own business, we have seen that there is a clear and ongoing need for content. Most people are busy and don’t have the time to develop as much content as they need all on their own. They need some assistance to help them. That need hasn’t changed in the last 15 years!

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We provide tools and services for people to use and generate content more easily than they can do on their own. If you think about what that means, it means that every month and every year new people trying to break into online business are going to need the things that we offer.

If you choose wisely, you will be able to offer your products and services to new people every day for a very long time. Particularly if you use the latest techniques, such as creating video, you will be able to reach a target market which is likely to continue growing over time.

Although it can be difficult to choose a specific niche when you’re first starting out it is perhaps one of the more fundamental aspects of online business for all of us.

When you have chosen well, you will be able to split your niche into sub-niches that give you a bigger reach on the web and the bigger chance to earn revenue and continue to earn revenue.

Tomorrow I will be publishing another post building on top of this, as the follow-up to the information in this one! Make sure to Check out our blog or sign up for our email inbox newsletter to make sure you don’t miss it!

And here’s to your success

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