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The Complete Guide To Starting A Website Step By Step

There are literally tens of thousands of websites that get launched everyday, this website is no different from the rest, except for one thing. When I got round to start a website, I knew exactly all the steps I needed, what tools I will need to start building my website.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of knowing how to build a website from scratch. That's why this article shares with you how to launch a WordPress website, even if you have never used WordPress Before.

What Will You Need To Start Building Your Website

To start building a website from scratch, you will need to complete five steps that take almost 10 minutes:

  1. Register Your Domain
  2. Find A Reliable Web Hosting Company
  3. Find A Better Theme / Prepare Your Page Content
  4. Get Auto Responder
  5. Build Your Website.

So before we start, you need to First, Click the link, below . And, It will take You to this page.

How To Choose A Best Domain Name Extension For Your Blog

How To Choose A Best Domain Name Extension For Your Blog

Now we’re going to do this in just 5 steps!


Here Is How To Build A Website From Scratch

STEP #1: There are only five steps to  get started building your website, let's start by clicking the link below, to check your domain availability.

Download A Cheat sheet For Starting A Profitable Website Step By Step:

Creative Way To Make Money With A Website.

It's amazing what you can do with good information; a solid reputation and a little bit of creative thinking when it comes to making money blogging .

Having started blogging‚Äč a decade ago , I can testify to the changing landscape of making money with a blog.

You can sell products, recommend a service or teach online as a service. Frankly speaking, opportunities to make a living through a blog are endless.

The challenge though, is the fact that most new bloggers struggle to make it big with blogging as a business.

So what could be the reason for unstable income that is predictable and almost automatically generated effortlessly?

Most bloggers today create a product to sell to their respective customers once or twice a year if they are lucky.

Nothing wrong with that; except most of these marketers go into the spiral of having to think up new products to sell every time.

And if you have bought an online training course for blogging as a business lately; you probably have been taught this rinse and repeat business model.

Needless to say that it’s exhausting, but coming up with new products for every season is dumb and an inefficient way to run a business!

So if you want to set yourself apart and operate with minimal efforts, here’s my tip for you today:

Instead of starting from scratch with your new product offering, why not repurpose your existing product to grow up your market reach and not your product portfolio?

You see, with the growing demand for video content today, it’s easy to ignore the power of the written word.

And when you are targeting readership, think of channels of distribution. Have you published your online course as a video training?

How about as a premium members only blog post? And if that is not good enough, have it published as a kindle ebook!

If what I am sharing is not making sense; here’s a powerful strategy in a much clesrer perspective:

I am actively using this powerful and most profitable strategy as we speak …

I recently launched a 30 day blog launch system that allows blogging beginners start a blog. During it’s initial launch we made good sales enough to pay a junior Doctors salary for one and half years wage.

We still make a handful sales every week six months after launching.

Possibly this is where most bloggers will stop and begin brainstorming for the next big thing.

We decided to try and sale it as an online video training on a one off payment bundle with a done for you system.

We also created an up sell membership program which is still running today with almost 260 members at any given time subscription fee of $37/ month.

Currently we are selling a PLR licence to this same product where almost 300 licence have been sold.

If you ask me in two years time; I can guarantee you that this product can also be used for email list building as a values ethical bribe.

I know you probably are thinking; is this even legal? Absolutely! In fact top 100 year old companies like tabasco makers and Gillette the shaving products makers have evolved for years nanufacuring the same line of products.

What changed is their market reach and bundling of products.

With just a few hours work, you could repurpose and completely reformat existing content into a desirable offer for ne customers to buy from you.

I’m oftentimes asked by my clients who hire me for private coaching, “how do I come up with personal coaching content?

Well, nobody hires a performance coach for unproven theories. They want results and real industry experience they can use in their business growth.

So if you have stellar content on how to start and grow a profitable blog in a year, why not use that as a basis for your personal coaching offer?

And if you are in a niche market, this is how you create multiple revenue streams

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