How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners 

The complete Guide On How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners

How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners?

Are you daydreaming about building your first epic business online? 

Has starting a blog crossed your mind and thought "heck, I could start a blog and make money online fast!"

How Does The Process Of Starting A Blog Look Like?

So there many ways of getting your blog off to a good start, I will run you through them one by one and I will also show you where to get everything  you need to get your blog up and running. So consider this as a hand-holding walk through the entire process of starting a blog. 

Here are all the steps you will ever have to go through when starting your profitable blog the right way:

  1. Pick a Niche
  2. Buy a Domain Name (Here's a recommended Domain Registrar That I Use)
  3. Build it
  4. Design it
  5. Get Logo Designed
  6. Set up
  7. Write /Order Your First Post and GO LIVE!
  8. Youtube Graphics/Intro Design

    Maybe you are still debating with your inner self, trying to convince yourself that you can do this! But then the little voice of reason at the back of your head keeps reminding you of how many failures to launch you have had.

    Tried to start a blog and make money online blogging, didn't work, tried to start selling on Amazon to make money online fast, didn't work either.

    And when you look back at all your false startups, the whole starting business online has now got you think "this blogging BS isn't for me!" I get it!

    Starting an online business can be fun, yet challenging too, especially when you have no one to help you with all the techy stuff that goes with starting a blog.

    No wonder your starting a blog project seems like an impossible mountain climb!

    Just a minute you think,

"I CAN do this"

 then a minute later you think "why am I kidding myself! I don't even know how to install WordPress!"

Finally, you take a plunge and get started!


What Types Of Blogs That Make Money?

The types of blogs that make money is in time, many people often say you can not make money with a blog, well I run  a successful online business thanks to my blog! You too can make money blogging if you invest time and effort helping solve other peoples's problems.

Ok Lets Say You Know What Type Of Blogs That Make Money Now What Is The Next Step To Start A Blog?

You explore all available WordPress options to pick an ideal blogging system that gives you flexibility in monetization, customization and even WordPress extensions for adaptable blog functionality.

You Pick an awesome Domain Name to register for your blog, sign-up for web hosting and start building your first blog to make money online.

You install the WordPress CMS using one click to install WordPress Blog! Finally, you get to choose from an extensive selection of amazing themes for your blog.

And after a couple of weeks, you hit the Publish button.

You have made it! Finally, you are the new blog owner!

You just successfully launched your first blog as a business.

However few weeks go by, weeks turn into a couple of months, and the Google analytics are telling you that your blog is all but clickets, no sales coming in and no readers showing up for your awesome content, except for your mum and distant cousin.

Possibly you tried creating a $10 Facebook ad, got 100 people visiting your blog but since the boosted blog post on facebook run out of money, there have been no more visitors showing up, and no subscribers to your email list either.

Maybe you heard about Instagram influencer marketing strategy, and you hired an influencer to give you that much-needed shout-out only to discover that their 100,000 followers were probably fake.


"I know what you are going through.
                       I’ve been in a similar position once!"

But I’ve also breathed that sigh of relief after getting my very first blog subscriber that went on to become a buying customer.

I’ve been through the rollercoaster of excitement having hit it big when I first made my first $4000/day. Will never forget the day I launched my first ever online training, and my first ever $12k / when I started my Cosmetics line selling to my blog readers. I tell you my fans were eagerly waiting for the launch of my first Evening Serum for youthful skin with credit cards in their hands as we counted down to launch day.

The feeling you get when someone flips out their wallet to buy your $200 3-product bundle is amazing.

This is the only reason that motivated me to write this post.

I know there are others like you who have tried everything that resembles a real online business opportunity that makes money. I know you need help you can get to start rewriting your fortunes and get the financial freedom you deserve.

The kind of freedom that gives you a feeling to get excited jumping out of bed, because you feel great and accomplishment when your blogging business lands your first ever online sale.

Starting a blog and make money by writing blogs isn’t for the faint of heart though. I have been through trials and errors, and if you are starting a blog, you too are going to be tried and tested to the hilt. My only saving grace was that I new, iF I stood any chance of starting a blog and succeeding, I needed to treat blogging as a long-term business which I wasn't going to be able to finish it in a day.

And that’s exactly what I did! This post has some awesome and helpful nuggets to help you on your starting a blog journey. It's probably the longest blog you won't read on one seating, and that is okey, just make sure to subscribe to my email list so I can be your first call for help when you hit a snag. Bookmark this post too so..

Feel free to pick and choose which sections of this blog post making sense for your skill level, business niche and just about anything you can relate to. When you have time on your hands shortly, come back to finish the rest.

I also want to be blunt about some of the methods used in this blog post. Some of the marketing tactic and ideas will be things you’ve never come across or even thought about doing.

While other methods will be a little bit aggressive and in your face like approach. Some of you will probably roll your eyes. I am not usually this blunt; my apology if you feel like your ego has been bruised.

I compiled this start a blog and make money online writing blogs with beginners in mind. But also made sure that I added a few intermediate to advanced blogging strategies to keep things interesting and keep you up to speed as faster as possible.

It's not just my knowledge you will be getting access to in this blog post. I took my time to research all tactics shared on here, I visited tens of thousands of blogs to give you the best possible chance of success. Not every crony type of a blog was included in this start a blog business resource wasn’t included, they just didn’t make the cut.

I have also chosen to highlight a significant number of brands who are doing things differently in their day to day running of their business. That way you can see how to serve well your audience as you grow your bugging business from strength to strength.

Many of the blogs in this blog post take marketing to another level. The bar is most likely high, but I know that you would not have it any other way. The good news is, what took them years to achieve, it will only take you a few months to accomplish.

These blogs were pioneering business channels, they have tested every possible means of how to build an email list effectively, or how to drive traffic to your new blog. I want you to see their blogs for yourself to get you thinking of better ways to model your blog on what is working for them. They say everything is a mindset, and now I want to challenge you to think like a million dollar blog owner. Even though you are skint and at a zero starting point, I want you to know I have been there just like all these other highly esteemed online business owners.

If you’re rushing to get to the good nuggets in this start a blog guide, the tips and expert sections will serve you well for all the steps you need to jump straight to. You’ll find hidden gems in all of them and they can work well as a whole.

I have tried to bring everything you will ever need to get your blog off to a good start.

Take this post as an investment from me to your startup efforts; I truly believe that by sharing my tactics with you, I’m investing in your success.

All I am asking of you is that you do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

Stick it out during the lows. And the best way to polish up your skills is through helping other new blogging enthusiasts to succeed using the little knowledge you know about starting a successful blog. Do not leave it too long, trust me by the end of six months, you will know a lot more about starting a blog than any new blogger who started a blog today.

If you have questions about email list building, SEO for a new blog, marketing, link building, how to monetize your blog, getting your first sale or building your first online store, you can contact Data Race Hero’s customer support team, or you can contact me directly. Most people who need help setting up their first blog join our Facebook Group, and I think you will benefit joining other new bloggers who are discussing everything blogs. If you need accountability partners, we are in this Facebook Private Group! JOIN NOW.

Happy reading!

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