The 10 minute Guide To Launching A Blog For Less Even If You Have Never Used WordPress Before.

A Step By Step Guide To  Starting A Website Even For Blog Beginners And Small Business Owners

Talking about Starting a blog back in the day used to be an expensive investment for anyone who wants to start a website that can improve their conversion rate. These days, Starting a blog is no longer rocket science, in fact stay at home mum, solo entrepreneurs and just about any small business owner can start a blog even if they have never used WordPress before .

With the growing cost of advertising on Facebook, Google Paid Advertising and pretty much any other premium traffic generation, you need to start a blog that can bring in organic traffic to your business long term.

Paid traffic sources are quick, on-demand and possibly the easiest way to quickly get eyeballs to your business offering, however, your website conversion rate has to be on point for you to break even.

And depending on paid traffic for your brand can make your brand look so cheap as there is no emotional investment by consumers to intimately know the brand ethos like they would with content marketing with a blog. What starting a blog allows you to do is build a brand, zone in on growing a relationship with your target audience who can also become your devotee brand ambassadors for your organic growth.

That is why if you are running a small or large business, you need to start a blog for your business growth, and not just a website that acts as a business card. Starting a blog is crucial,so you shouldn't ignore it or leaving it far too late.

Beyond that, taking into account the impact website conversion rate has on your overall business lead generation, conversion from blog traffic is super high quality and it is long term investment for your business.

​Here Are 5 Steps On How To Start A Blog.


STEP 1: LET'S get started By Checking DOMAIN AVAILABILITY, Click The LINK BELOW...

There are two options to get started creating your blog, the first of the five steps that must be completed in the next 10 minutes from when you click the link above.

  1. OPTION ONE: To check your Domain availability and register a domain.
  2. Option Two: Click the link to Get FREE Domain Plus our Offer of Discounted Web Hosting Offer.

 When you click to check Domain Availability, the link  should take you to a page that looks Like this picture below: 

How to start A Blog

How to Start A Blog Step 1: Checking Domain Availability

First, let’s get the Domain:

To get the domain name, type in the name of your blog inside the domain name availability checker and click the search button of the far right to see if the name is available.

Now, as you can see there are lots of domain name extensions, you probably are wondering, How do I Choose The Best Domain Name Extension For My Blog? Well, for now, a .com will do and we will discuss the pros and cons in this post about How To Choose A Best Domain Name Extension For Your Blog

How To Choose A Best Domain Name Extension For Your Blog

How To Choose A Best Domain Name Extension For Your Blog


Once you search for your domain and added it to your shopping cart, now it’s time to get your web hosting package. If you are getting your hosting from Data Race Hero Web Hosting Packages, just scroll down and you will see a button linking you to a page where you will choose your ideal package for your blog.

How to register a domain for your blog

How to register a domain for your blog

Now if you are new to the blogging world, a domain name for your blog and web hosting are the glue or I should say must-have things for you to get your blog off to a good start. So to put it politely, if you can not get a domain and web hosting for you to launch your website, starting a self-hosted blog is impossible.

What Is Web Hosting All About?

Hosting is a virtual server or computer where your blog files will be securely stored and served to your website visitors. Now the Domain is the name of your website where your blog visitors can use to locate your site when they type in the URL query box to search for your blog content in a search bar.

With Web hosting, you will find that it comes in packages. The more space you need for your files, the more it will cost you to manage your hosting server. The beauty with starting a blog is that you get to start with a smaller package and scale up when you need more space.

So to get started with choosing your Web hosting package, scroll down and click this button PICK A WEB HOSTING PACKAGE

When you click this button it should take you to a page that looks like this:

Best WordPress Hosting Package for small business
This where you get to choose your ideal web hosting package for your blog and proceed to complete your checkout.

Once you type in your chosen domain name and you have chosen the appropriate domain extension, (whether its a .com,, .net or a .org) then select the correct one and click Check to proceed to the final stage of acquiring your domain and web hosting.

Now that we got the domain and web hosting in the cart, let’s choose how long we want to pay for the web hosting package. I recommend selecting the 12-month subscription as it ties well with your annual domain renewal which is registered for 12 months.

And the other thing I love choosing one year for web hosting is the fact that I get to bag huge savings. So the way it works is, the longer period you subscribe for web hosting, the cheaper it becomes.

How to select a web hosting package

How to select a web hosting package

 When you get to the next page, make sure that you quickly review your chosen web hosting package and the balance due for today. This is also the same page where you get to enter your promotion code or coupon if you have received one for either joining in our membership mastermind or whatever promo running at that time…

Now when you click checkout, this button takes you to your account setup page. Make sure to take your time to complete your account details including a secure password for your access into the members only control panel where you can manage all products with us.

How To Install WordPress Step By Step

Now that we have successfully purchased web hosting and our brand spanking new domain, Lets install install WordPress so we can move on to the final stages of beatifying our blog so it can look exactly the way we want it to represent our business brand.

How To Make WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

Now that we have successfully Installed WordPress on our  web hosting server, lets customize our WordPress blog and make it a mobile friendly website, while also improving the aesthetics of the entire blog so it can reflect the vision we have for our business.

Businesses that are lucky enough to discover that mobile-friendly websites are enjoying the insane growth of mobile traffic are not wasting time to spend big for their sites to become mobile friendly.

So to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly, it is one of the most expensive job and possibly the most sought-after skill set for advertising agencies.

How To Make WordPress Site Responsive

Ever wondered if there is away How to make WordPress site responsive? Luckily for you, there is very little that need to happen to make sure that your WordPress blog is mobile ready and friendly enough to deliver huge mobile traffic into solid business leads: Understand why responsive web design is important. 

Here's How to make WordPress site responsive:

  1. Take the Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Google offers a free online service tool that can test the speed of your website to see if it is a mobile friendly and responsive enough for you to put your fit up and start twiddling with your fingers as you wait for an avalanche of mobile search traffic.
How To Edit Mobile Version of WordPress Site

How To Edit Mobile Version of WordPress Site

How To Edit Mobile Version of WordPress Site

Armed with the initial website speed test from Google, now its time to start figuring out how to edit the mobile version of your WordPress site so it can become a speed maestro as well as responsive and mobile friendly. 

And to achieve that, you need to:

  • Use a responsive WordPress theme (or create your own)
  • Consider mobile-friendly WordPress plugins.
  • Use mobile-friendly opt-ins.
  • Think about how you can also use responsive media practices across your WordPress blog.

With all that said, to start beautifying our blog we need to install a new WordPress theme called ASTRA. This theme is lighter on java, naturally responsive and easy to tweak for anyone regardless of experience.

Next, we will install a plugin that will extend the functionality of the WordPress CMS core features so we can customize our blog.

Inside the WordPress Dashboard, search for a plugin called ASTRA, Install it and click activate. This plugin comes with its own extensive library of themes which you can access by clicking “see Libray ” under the ASTRA plugin.

Now before choosing the new design theme for your blog, lets install another piece of software plugin called elementor. 

If you like any of these designs in the library, choose to install all the plugins and the entire demo site will be imported into your website.

What is the average website conversion rate?

Now with big boys like Facebook, Google and others continuously singing the gospel of eCommerce conversion rate, you possibly are wondering what the average website conversion rate that's acceptable in the new day of cost-driven social traffic generation is?
It all depends on what you price leads generated from your traffic, and who is funding your marketing campaign.

If your website can deliver a 30% conversion rate for every £100 you spend to bring in 100 leads for a product selling at £40 a pop, and you will need your self-liquidating offer to convert at 3 to bring in £120.

Now my question is, would that be an acceptable website conversion rate for you? Often times many digital marketers tend to speculate what e-commerce website conversion rates are ideal, and they will even throw some numbers like 5.3% or 11.7% is the best. But for me, I take a different approach to my Facebook advertising conversion rates.

If I am able to bring in 100 new leads, to my offer at the same rate stipulated above, what would stop me to scale it up to 1000 leads?


Need help?

Though getting started with a WordPress in this way seem easy on the eye, it's not for everyone to get it right the first time without any challenges. If you feel stuck, we have a team of support that can help to point you in the right direction with most of the issues beginners find a bit daunting.

This is everything you need to know about getting started with your blog. Obviously as a blogging beginner you have a long way to learn the trade, that's why I recommend you join a Group Coaching club also known as Mastermind.

Facebook has lots of them you can join for free. Inside facebook groups you will find group couching sessions which will help you grow your business as long as you are committed to do the work needed.

Our group is available on invitation only, so if you want to go on the waiting list of invites, signup below and we will contact you when we have openings available in our Mastermind.

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How To Convert WordPress Site To Responsive

Converting your  WordPress Site To Responsive can be the differentiating factor  between getting more traffic and leads or failure. So if you can Convert an old WordPress Site To become Responsive and mobile friendly the guide available here will show you how easy it is. 

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