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I Quitted My Job – The Journey, Lessons After I Quit My Job Without Another One

You hear about folks who took the leap to take a chance at becoming a full-time blogger or small-scale business operator. All it took was probably a social media announcement, I Quitted My Job!

Youtube Is a stamping Ground For these Gimmicks, They say I quitted my job and this is what happened.


For a start, quitting your job without a plan B or at least before your business replaces your current income is a dumb thing to do.

I know this better because it’s what I did too. I quitted my job, and I paid a price for being so dumb.
There are so many benefits to having that stability of a guaranteed income to pay the bills while you hustle on the side, the downside is that it’s easy to procrastinate when you are running a blog on the side while keeping a full-time job.
When I left my job, I was convinced that my business wasn’t making huge strides because my job was getting in the way of progress.

So when I finally quit, I realized that I was wrong. As a matter of fact, when I had a job, my work balance was good.

When I quitted my job, I worked long hours, slept less and became so stressed over simple things that never worried me before.
I got stressed because I knew that if I did not make money soon enough, the savings would run out, and I would be left with some explaining to do to my wife and kids, why we had no money.

My mind went into panic mode! Every time a client pushed forward appointments for consulting opportunities, I grew anxious and restless, even more, stressed too.

The biggest problem with such a situation where you are not sleeping enough and having to deal with emotional stress, your brain becomes useless at making rational decisions.


Because a tired and overworked brain is a nervous brain that has no moral campus let alone rationale.

Luckily, not all was bad news, it turns out that when you get into the ring and train by punching in the air, it’s easy to overlook the finishing line.

However when you have something to punch on, suddenly you have a born to crack.

Much like when you throw a bone at a dog, then you would have given the dog a reason to sit down until the bone marrow is cracked up open.

Humans are not that different in their thinking. What happens when a human being is challenged by adversities will either make or break the human spirit. And there are two crucial things that happen:

Either you will curl up and play dead like some animals do when flight mechanism mode kicks in or your adrenaline levels will surge up, your breathing rate lower, and your muscles tense up while your heart beats fast like you have been running.

Generally, this is the magic moment when you either rise or fall, so if you hold on to your bottom with both hands, and ride the storm, chances are good that you’re going to make it.
Humans are made in such a way that when they have something to punch on, that is when they really flex their muscles and punch harder than they have ever punched.

As a creative and artistic individual, I have come to realize that without the challenges I faced in my earlier experience in starting my business, there was no way I could have risen above the fold to where I am today. It might not look like much, but its bigger of a deal to me.

Sometimes, people who persecute you in your work, community or sometimes even in your family, they think they are fucking you up!

Reality is they are fucking themselves up because resilience is often a byproduct of seeds of an oppressive situation. If you don’t believe me, go try your luck with a hornet nest. Am sure we will have a lot to talk about when you come back, that is if you make it back!

I have found myself often times feeling more energetic and ready to crack on challenges when many of my oppressors, thought they were insurmountable.
Yet that was when I felt like I was standing on the fertile soil where anything I touched or explore led to the discovery of a new me that I never thought existed.

I found depth and zeal after zeal!

I don’t mean that for the best of you to come out then you have to expose yourself to destitution or poverty. In my case, it worked and shaped a better part of my work habits.

I never chose to be born poor, never knew my father until I turned 18 years of age. But growing up in my grandparent’s house, with 18 kids that my grandparents raised, I quickly learned that if I had to go to bed on a full stomach, I needed to fight for the food.

Each meal times my grandmother would bring in a huge platter of food for the boys on the right, and the medium-sized platter of food for the girls on the left.

She always took her time to make sure everyone present, even my usual distant friends who came from neighboring villages sat with all of us for meal times. Then hell always broke loose when she turned round to walk back to the kitchen where girls were having their meals…

There was no mercy or age discretionary, meals times were fixed, if you came late you are on your own if you did not forage it meant going to bed on an empty stomach.

My point is, there is a fight in every one of us if given a chance that fighting spirit will ignite itself and thrive at anything you throw at it. Starting and running a profitable business is no different, especially now where globalization has taken over. The Internet allows kids in the corner of Africa to sell in Canada, India, and America.
Opportunities available online now, are huge and endless!

The other thing I have learned over time when the ground is shifting, it takes time for people to notice its progress until cracks begin to show. So while you may be a small player on the corner of your chosen niche.
When that change comes, possibilities of people not seeing it coming is quite high.

You are not news today, but if you keep punching, you will soon be the talk of the industry.

Just don’t quit that job yet!

When I quit my job, I had a dream and my dream was to start and own a business, there are two routes I could have taken so I want to share with you so you have all the tools you need to make your own choices.

The A B C Business Launch Method Strategy

So in this simple business startup method, point A is where you are going to mark as a starting point, and B is the middle ground while C is where you want to be.

Drawing a line from point A to C gives you an opportunity to break down the journey evenly so you can smoothly move from A to B which is the middle point of your journey to the promised land, then from B to point C which is your Ideal lifestyle.


What that allows you to do now is to set your goals of starting a blog as a side hustle from launch day which is point A and keep your job until the blog is earning enough money to replace your current income.

Once you reach your middle ground, in this case, point B you can now fire your boss and concentrate on building on top of your current progress.

Don’t quit your job because you have savings, that’s a dumb thing to do.
Make sure you only lay down your current job only when your side hustle has replaced your current monthly wages.

Here’s why this is the best option.

  1.  It means if you take 5 years cracking the market, you know you can stay in the game for as long as you need because the income you earn is good to keep you afloat without needing to stress and worry about how long it is taking to crack your market.
  2. Once your blog or business starts running, If you make it to the middle point, it means you have a proven concept that you money making idea works!

Do not run a business on savings it’s bad enough to destroy relationships or family.

The thing I love about the experience I have come to enjoy in the blogging community is that the landscape is so diverse and it has so many models that work within itself.

I guess the challenge for many people who are skeptical about opportunities that blogging brings to the table is that they try to fit the blogging business into one box.

Blogging as a business is not homogeneous, it’s diversity becomes apparent when you begin to peel the layers. I look at blogging business models as a huge onion with so many layers, the more you peel, the more you discover it’s riches.

Unless you launch your blog and experience its euphoria and depth, you will never realize that the concept of blogging is self-sustaining so much that even changes to technology are not good enough to stop the gravy train.

Whether it’s GDPR, email marketing or sales funnel technology, bloggers are getting better and savvier at how the ecosystem itself stays ahead of time.

The most interesting thing about success in the entrepreneurship journey is the fact that when you break into the top 1% or what they call the establishment, it becomes so apparent to the admirers and those who see you on the top of your game.

Reality is, the journey to the top is long and mind-bogglingly painful to endure the alluring instant gratification mindset in the majority of the society.

Sometimes I take a look back and connect the dots, I realize that the progress I have made hasn’t been suddenly, I have come a long way and I did not see what I see when I look back. Only when I start connecting the dots, it’s when I realize how far we all have come.

I like to think that I’m a self-made man, but I have had a great deal of help along the way.

Needless of me to mention to you that you need alliances for your business journey.

Just take note that not everyone is rooting for you, also realize that not everyone is out to get you!

That’s why you need a well-rested brain, free from stress and anxiety so you can make a rational decision out of choices you have to make when choosing what web hosting platform to choose, which autoresponder service to use and what sort of friendships to keep and who to dump!

If you’re are lucky to crack open the success formula, and make it into the 1% club, do not be naive to assume that you have now become the 1%. There is no one who has guaranteed a position in that club.

Having access to it is a privilege, so make sure to pay your dues and keep pounding because no one has a permanent position whether is the six-figure club or the so-called 1 percent.

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