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How much does inbound marketing cost?

A detailed Guide To Inbound Marketing Pricing Packages

Inbound marketing is complex and time consuming,in fact many businesses that are successful at inbound marketing tend to have a long game plan in place . Unfortunately, with the growing influence of social media, proliferation of internet and real time communication, patience is no longer a virtue. Instant gratification is the buzz word today. 

No wonder practices known as growth hacking have became synonymous with the norm of doing business, I mean it's just genius! Hacks allow for instant gratification to play a role without compromising customer,client relationship. Goals are met and milestones are achieved much quicker and everybody is happy.

Has GrowthHacking Got A Role In Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing in no different to any other tools used to grow your business. With these techniques, you can put the old techniques on the back burner and focus on growth hacking as it delivers, quick, precise and good value per dollar spent in mounting an inbound campaign for your brand.

Content marketing is a long game plan, but if you can cut down to the chase, why wouldn't you jump on the opportunity? This is why when choosing your ideal inbound marketing partners, you need one on your side who can tell as it is with no BS!

How Much Does Inbound Marketing Cost?

The real Inbound marketing cost is in time, many people often say you can not put a monetary value on time, yet everyone who knows the PVL formula knows that it is calculated based on value over time.

The one thing certain on the cost of inbound marketing is how much google values in-depth content. And producing such kind of content will definitely take time and human resource to deliver for the sake of google's love for stellar inbound marketing content.

Does Your Inbound Marketing Include Writing In-depth Marketing Content?

Writing in-depth content is a skill in it's own, for those who are new to inbound marketing, you should know that there is no love like that in the eyes of google if you deliver compelling, informative multimedia content to your audience. 

Ever since It came apparent that both search engines and reader love long pieces of content, I have never relented from going an extra mile to score big on shares from my readers and fans and to impress search engines too.


Multimedia Content Is all about INTENTLY Recycling OR REPURPOSING

Multimedia content creation is a stapple ground for savvy inbound marketing strategies that takes advantage at the way a particular audience consume content.

Others use Pinterest for researching and making buying decisions, others use Youtube for reviewing and getting to know more about the brand behind the product they want to buy. 

In this day and age of activism consumerists, the last thing your business wants is to miss out on customers who rely on video content of audio podcasts to make buying decisions.

“Whether it's Infographics, Slideshows, audio casts or Podcasts and video tutorials they are all dominating the web traffic scene and there is no sign of stopping it"

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Do you have a seven rule type of Sales Funnel In Place

The seven rule type of a sales funnel is a classic version of lead generation that has seen a test of times. Inbound marketing efforts are meant to bring in leads into your business, that said, it takes up to seven iterations between a lead coming into contact with your content to when they make a buying decision.

How To Make This Work?

It's probably the oldest marketing concept out there, be warned though, it is not an obsolete method of marketing.

Look carefully in the industry you pry your trade and you will see gaps forming in between loyalty and rebellion. Activism consumerists are the ones who will best give you a clear understanding that unless you prove to them that your brand stands for what they believe in, you will not convince them to buying into your brand or product you are selling.

Are You Drinking From A Bottle Or A Spring Well?

There is no better way to convince a fan into becoming a lead by applying this old school method where you deliberately make your content a tool for reaching out without asking for a sale. The rule of seven stipulates that buyers who make a commitment to your offer tend to do so often times when exposed to your inbound marketing message at least seven times.

This rule has nothing to do with the number. Despite all the cultural beliefs about number seven, Its all about delivering value and more value to show that there is abundance from where that came from. 

How Can The Rule Of Seven Be Implemented In Your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

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    Cutting Through The Marketing Noise. With so much going on in the internet era, you must really be laser sharp and strategic about your online inbound marketing strategies .
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    Be Consistent In Your Inbound Marketing efforts. Don't just show up once in a blue moon, focused messaging and constant presence will definitely glow on your audience.
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    The Value Propositioning balancing act with Product Pricing. Being adamant that customers will automatically identify value out of your messaging is foolish. Make it clear and on point so your clients knows what they are buying into.

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Want to Get More Leads?


Very often as marketers we tend to forget that we are in business of solving people's problems. While FAQ pages are a great resource, but it serves you and your clients less than if you did individual question answered blog posts.

You can user this FAQ to offer a teaser then offer an upgrade to get access to a detailed content page.

Wondering Where To Start From?

How Effective Is Your Thank You Page From Converting More?

Looking to bring in new leads and buyers into the business now does not require giving away call backs and private consult just to give the advice freely. These were the most effective way of giving value to customers then. In this day and age of Blogs, Private group Masterminds, Youtube Videos and Pinterest, you only have to provide free content via these channels to inform, recruite, educate and attract new leads.

But you don't have to know how to do all the tedious work involved in creating content, Video training, data collection, campaign management, tracking and lead generations! HIRE US to run your PPC, Video training creation, Pinterest content, blog content and many more .


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