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Content & Video Marketing

Enhance your Brand visibility with strategic Content  and Video Marketing while informing your consumers about your business offering

Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO marketing is a huge part of our focus. And your business could benefit with the help of experienced local digital marketing experts like us.

Digital Marketing

Local customers are actively searching for your products and services. Unless your website appears in Google search results, you are missing out! Get help with our Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The art of making search engines fall in love with your website

We’ll Help Your Business Get Found On Google Through Strategic Digital Marketing Plus Our Wide Range of Online Content And Search Marketing.

What Is SEO?

SEO is strategic content marketing efforts we get to do in order to make google fall in love with your website. As a result of being search friendly and relevant to specific types of search queries your customers are searching on google, will help your website get found among competing search results of that particular search query.

The beauty of SEO for any business is the ability to invest once on a campaign, and continue to reap beneficial organic traffic and quality leads for years without spending money on advertising. The questions I get from most business owners is how long does it take to get traffic to your website if a website owner engages a competent SEO Consultant?

The one thing to keep in mind is that , SEO works well for businesses that have long term goals and not quick fix. On the other hand, Google's search engine and others are constantly evolving and getting better at serving best results for search queries. So if you want to keep up with the trends, avoid slipping down into the unknown, then you need the help of a competent SEO expert to keep your business rankings thriving. And that's where Data Race Hero SEO Services can help you do that. 

Let's Find Your Business A Spot On Google's First Page Ranking

Let us help you turn your website into a Lead Generating Machine that churns paying clients 24/7.

How Does Our SEO Approach Look Like To Bring You Customers?

Creative Ways To Market Your Business

 On-site content optimization.

Ask any one successful at content marketing, and they will tell you that their success in business hinges on their content visibility, whether it's on social media of Google rankings, your content must be visible enough to attract good and targeted leads consistently. That is what on-site content optimization can do for your business.


When we ask you to complete the form for A FREE Professional SEO  Website Audit Service, our goal is not to sale you anything. The main goal is to provide your business with a detailed insight of how your website stands and layout options for your consideration using the free SEO report we provide.

We know what we do so well that we do not do traditional seo when targeting on page keywords to work with. Our approach is truly unique in a way and that has always got our clients better results for their business goals.

The recipe we use for better google rankings in our SEO offerings are no secret at all! We take a closer look at your Niche market and pool together all relevant keyword acronyms/ synonyms and  qualifying modifiers to extract valuable keyword rankings from google's algorithm.

Off-Site Link Building.

Whether you like it or not, link building still remains a crucial part of Google's ranking metrics.

If you have to measure the authority of any website, take a look at it's domain authority, and this domain authority is a huge factor on how Google ranks websites.

Google looks at your link profile to see who is giving you a link as a vote of confidence among many websites, so if you happen to own a well linked website, then Google will consider your brand as the authority. It is important to take note that Google's ranking factors are many, therefore it should not be the only one thing you put above other ranking factors.

As your partners, we will do everything in our power and knowledge to line up the best link building campaign for long term goals without compromising your brand and good SEO link building ethics.

Let's Find Your Business A Spot On Google's First Page Ranking

Let us help you turn your website into a Lead Generating Machine that churns paying clients 24/7.

One Of A Kind Type Of SEO  Agency.

As a local Manchester SEO agency, we take pride in being a different kind of digital marketing agency.

Our driving force has always been centered at delivering value first with transparent pricing tailored to customer needs and not packaged services or contracts that tie you down into unprofitable business agreements.

Long term contracts and fixed term agreements are bad for business in the SEO industry yet many of known digital marketing agencies in the northwest insist upon them.

Any system that relies on putting time first and not results or value for the customer compromises a beneficial business to business relationship and that is why we think value for our customers come first.

Why You Will Love Working With Data Race Hero

For any business looking for a full service Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester, you will find our SEO experts  working alongside  with our team of PPC marketing as the must have combo for your business growth. The levels of technical ability we enjoy across our teams is good enough to have you rest assured that your brand is in good hands.


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