Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Paid advertising is the quickest way to get more eye balls on to your offers or brand awareness, however pay per click type of campaign can be costly. That's why most of our clients inquire from Data Race Hero for a recommended way to promote their business... Our approach to digital marketing has always been consistent with long term and short term goals. With PPC, you can get instant leads whether is calls, buying customers or email sign ups. Due to cost of every click you get, always use PPC as your short term while organic traffic through better Google rankings and user experience.(content creation)

All Our Pay Per Click Digital Marketing Management Packages Includes: 


We research Intent-based keywords for your campaign...


Get an Ad manager review your campaign and optimize it for you.


Enjoy maximum conversion with tracked campaigns for maximum profitability


At Data Race Hero we re-target potential buyers who got lost...


Good and engaging ADS drive costs down, our team will design ...


Get guaranteed no 1 position on Google with our help...

What Is Pay Per Click Or PPC?

Pay per click also known as PPC is a traffic arbitrage, where the buyer( website owners who desperately need traffic to their website)pays an advertising network in this case Google advertising network, to deliver targeted traffic based on varying factors like, geographical location, nationality, location or a combination of search queries relating to a product or service.

Organic search traffic you get from better search engine optimization and content creation is completely different from paid ads.

pay per click services

Anyone with a budget can set a pay per click campaign. The only difference is the results you get from your DIY Pay per click will not be comparable to what a digital advertising agency like Data Race Hero can deliver for your business.

SEO on the other hand, is completely different, your website will only rank based on the SERPS ranking metrics while PPC is all about how deep your pockets are.

Why Hire professional Digital Marketing Agency For Your PPC? 

Pay per click advertising come with their on ups and downs, the buying process itself has its own strategic challenges. That is precisely why when you are buying those clicks for your paid first page listing, you need to know how to target your audience, where you want your ads to appear and how to install a pixel for tracking you campaign.

PPC works well for those who take their time to do a proper keyword research based on demographics they are targeting. Inside your demographics you can break your campaigns from age, male or females, location service, region or country, all the way to home owners, type of jobs down to what mobile gadget your audience is using.

In short, there is a science behind it... 

In fact, many of the dental practices that tried and failed at advertising, never saw results for their PPC promotional efforts due to the fact that they either tried to build their own internal digital advertising team or flat out run their social media adverting through trial and error campaigns that ended in huge marketing burnout with no results to show for.

Location targeting for paid ads

From the image above, you can see how quickly things can go wrong even with deep pockets, however if your on location adverts are appearing hundreds of miles away, it doesn't matter how much you need it for your PPC campaign to work because it will not deliver the results.

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