Pinterest For Bloggers-How To Use Pinterest

Pinterest For Bloggers-How To Use Pinterest

Pinterest for bloggers is a goldmine, no such other traffic source has brought us so much traffic like Pinterest. The way how to use Pinterest will obviously matter, but I can tell you that as a blogger, having to worry about my site getting shut down, because of too much Pinterest traffic, it’s a good problem to have than worrying about lack of traffic.

Sounds like a story from a children’s book, but it is indeed a true story, they say when you host your blog on a shared web hosting, you get what you pay for.

The likelihood of getting shut down for traffic overload are high as putting too much stress on the server is a crime on shared hosting servers punishable by expulsion!

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

Misconceptions about Pinterest is that the majority of blog owners or the business fraternity look at Pinterest as the home for scrapbook mums who are scouting for food recipes and DIY ideas.
Pinterest being a visual search engine, it’s really easy to get it wrong in understanding how an average Pinterest user engages with your content to make a buying decision outside of recipes and DIY.

I can guarantee you, that with brands like Apple and retail giants Walmart dipping their feet with ridiculous advertising budgets to stake their authority on Pinterest, you better start paying attention.
As a blogger, you might think, Pinterest may not be for you, I thought that was the case too. Having taken my time to learn a little more of the way how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog, I was utterly sold for pinning!

The real value of Pinterest for bloggers begins when you sign up for a Pinterest Business account, and if you already have a personal Pinterest account, just convert it to a business account.
Once the account setup or conversion is out of the way, you need to take your time to:

  1. Get Your Pinterest Terminology Down.
  2. Complete Your Profile on Your Biz Account.
  3. Verify Your Website.
  4. Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins.
  5. Set Up Pinterest Boards.
  6. Find & Pin Content

I can not mince my words to explicitly stress the importance of capitalizing on this same traffic source which has primarily been responsible for the $18,247.82 in Adsense revenue from a de-indexed website from Google I mentioned in one of my posts.

Pinterest has lately emerged as traffic source with over 175 million active monthly users, and 72% of those users use the site to make product purchase decisions! (according to omnicore data)

How To Post On Pinterest For Better Traffic?

Here’s a secret tip: Most of the traffic that comes from Pinterest is NOT from links in the pin descriptions, but from people clicking the actual image and going to the source URL.

So how to post on Pinterest to generate traffic with Pinterest?

Everyone will tell you that staying consistent to your Pinterest posting habits is crucial, so make sure to post regularly by following the steps below:

  1. Click + at the bottom right corner of Pinterest and click Upload a Pin.Pinterest For Bloggers-How To Use Pinterest

  2. Click Choose Image and find the file on your computer.

  3. Pick an image, add URL to the blog post then click continue to choose the Ideal board for your Pin and add a description.

  4. Click Save.

But that’s what everyone is doing, and yet not all Pinterest wanna be’s are getting the kind of results our clients are getting from Pinterest. There is a method to our Pinterest madness!

It’s easy … Pin… A LOT (like up to 200 times per account per day) using your site URL as the source URL for the pin (ideally internal pages that are relevant to the image) and obviously pinning images that you have a legal right to pin.

The more relevant the source URL is to the image, the better.

That leads me to a critical point: traffic without effective monetization is totally wasted!

We’ve found that Adsense outperforms affiliate offers and any other monetization type we’ve tried in a big way. The traffic isn’t targeted enough to affiliate offers, but Adsense delivers ads based on the user, which means they are laser targeted, in most cases, no matter what.

So if you want to make money from all of that Pinterest traffic, you need an Adsense optimized site.

That’s just so happens to be EXACTLY what we’re offering, at a BIG discount, but not for long!

… DONE-FOR-YOU sites that are built to the exact same specs that we’ve used to generate 6-figures in Adsense revenue, primarily from Pinterest traffic, since Jan. of last year!

Here’s what you’re going to get:

  • – A domain that we pay for and transfer to you (at any time over the next year)
  • – A site built in the niche of your choice (or we can choose) to the same standards our own sites are built to
  • – Adsense integration and optimization! This is a BIG bonus, that only those who take us up on this offer get
  • – Ten articles that are 100% unique and hand-written published to your site
  • – Ten high-quality, relevant images that we pay the license for from BigStockPhoto, and publish to your site
  • – Premium WordPress theme (Genesis)
  • – Custom header graphic and favicon tailored to your domain/brand name
  • – On-page SEO done for you
  • – Facebook comment integration
  • – A PDF Action Guide that will help you move forward with your new site(s)

… all of this for $100 less than we would typically charge WITHOUT the Adsense integration/optimization bonus that we’re offering today!

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