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Helpful Resources & Guides For Bloggers And Website Owners

From time to time we do spend time and resources to create helpful resource guides for bloggers and corporate website owners who want to grow their traffic, improve website user experience as well as improve lead generation. The useful links to the resources will help you if you want to get started.

How To Make A Website

How To Make A Website

There are literally tens of thousands of websites that get launched everyday, this website is no different from the rest, except for one thing.

When I got round to start a website, I knew exactly all the steps I needed, what tools I will need to start building my website.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of knowing how to build a website from scratch. That's why this article shares with you how to launch a WordPress website, even if you have never used WordPress Before.

How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog?

Talking about Starting a blog, back in the day used to be an expensive investment for anyone who wants to start a website that can improve their conversion rate. 

These days, Starting a blog is no longer rocket science, in fact stay at home mum, solo entrepreneurs and just about any small business owner can start a blog even if they have never used WordPress before .

With the growing cost of advertising on Facebook, Google Paid Advertising and pretty much any other premium traffic generation, you need to start a blog that can bring in organic traffic to your business long term.

Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

Do you advertise on Facebook as a real estate agent? If you are, that’s awesome! But if you considering getting started, then this post breaks down everything you need to know to start running Facebook ads as a real estate agent.

Facebook ads to any real estate agents are a real Godsend. And there are good reasons why that is:

For a start, Facebook advertising has opened a new way of bringing in highly targeted leads effortlessly, but also FB ads have ushered a new way of targeting and retargeting your ideal market in so many ways than it was possible long before Facebook came along.

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