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Search Engine Optimization( SEO)

The customer acquisition in the era of internet and ease of access to consumer information has dramatically changed. More and more of your potential customers are making buying decisions based on how much you inform them about the benefits of using your product or service. And for that... They turn to Google as their trusted confidant for answers. If your business in not ranking well on Google's search results after customers run a search query for your offering, you are loosing potential business to your competition. That is where Data Race Hero search engine optimization services can help your business...

What Is SEO?

SEO is a technical process where digital marketing experts use aggregated data to tactically re position a website in a friendliest way possible for both users and search engines with a goal to bring high visibility for a brand or product offering to convert online visitors into leads, buyers or service awareness through better rankings.

 Search engine optimization is an integral part of every business seeking to generate more leads, stay competitive and on the cutting edge of bringing in multiple points of contact within the locality they serve in.

Search Engine Optimization

And there is no difference for any service provider offering services offline or online. Services like dentists, plumbers, roofing professional and many who are actively working in and around our local communities can benefit from on location digital promotion.

Any Business owner who wish to grow their footprint, increase their lead pipeline while also growing their bottom line knows that increasing their ranking in search results is the best way to generate highly targeted leads for their business.

The SEO Process At Data Race Hero... 

There is more to technical seo than just a website with pages whipped together with fluffy content. Regardless of traffic volumes your website maybe enjoying currently, if your website misses out on technical optimization, you risk loosing it all at a conversion stage.

The way we do SEO at Data Race Hero is more than just better ranking tactics. In fact we dive deep to see what makes your clients engage with one page and not the other.

Though search engine optimization is known for requiring meticulous amount of man hours, very few website owners hardly give thought into more obvious and critical little tidily bits like:

  • Good WordPress Theme - On page SEO can never do well unless you also make sure that you are using well coded and highly optimized WordPress theme for your website.
  • Mobile Friendly Website - On November 4th of 2016 Google's move to take on mobile index for the first time signaled a huge shift in recognizing how important mobile traffic is for businesses that offer online as well as offline services. As google's mobile indexing continue to evolve, even responsive websites are missing out on mobile rankings. This is due to the fact that your website's desktop version of content pages is slightly different than what you would see on desktop version of the same page.
  • Web Site Speed - More than ever, your website speed will either kill your site or make it. If your structuring of data and java scripts is not inline with the Google's evolution in mobile friendly site requirements, your website will miss out on Google sniptet rankings.
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Competition Analysis 

So when you think of a competitive edge over your competition, you need to understand that it is a gold mine that can break or make your business where your leads are dependent on better conversions.

 Though there are numerous stages to sizing up our competition, setting your campaign goals first before doing your competition analysis is advised.

Think of this stage as your way into a three step process where you create a three part master keyword research which any business has to put together as the foundation. Unfortunately, we find such pillars to be missing on many of the dentist websites in the UK.

The trouble with local seo like for dental practices, is if you are missing even just one of these SEO pillars, the whole thing would crumble so to speak.

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