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Start A Blog Even If You Are A Newbie

Start A Blog Even If You Are A Newbie

Want to Start a blog? In today’s video I’m gonna talk about how to start blogging when you’re not an expert
I believe that everybody has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur, and I set out to illustrate this for you.

In my free training, I teach people the basics of starting a blog and bring that blog to profit. So lately I felt strong about documenting my entire process of building, launching, and running a profitable blog as a business,
That way you can follow along every decision that I make, and use my experiences on this journey to fuel your own success.

Why Start A Blog?

Blogging is one of a few unique business ideas anyone can start from home and make a good living writing blogs. On the upside of home business ideas, starting a blog has the lowest entry barriers as it requires little capital outlay.

Plenty of successful blogs on the market today, were started on a shoestring budget, today you can start a blog with as little as the price of coffee, but do not just take me for my word, Bluehost WordPress with a FREE Domain starts as little as $3.85, Data Race Hero we offer 6 months free plus free start a blog training. As you can see, starting a blog to earn money online seems like a no-brainer.

My goal for starting every blog project, is to achieve $10,000/month In 38 weeks from the launch date, but before anything, I set goals  for my blog and as part of the big plan, I set my first milestone as achieving earnings of between $350- $1750 within the first 90-120 days from launch date, that way I can have the business support itself while am scaling it to make $10,000.00/MONTH. If being able to achieve this goal, I will be able to sell off the business for a lump sum. And if I do the Maths, According to similar businesses selling online:

  • A Blog making $10,000/ A Month would be making me $120,000/Per Year.
  • If Listed for sell on Flippa, I would easily sell it for at least $ 240,000.00, this money is good enough for me to re-invest it by buying a two to three bedroom house in Manchester or Birmingham here in the UK. For those of you who may not be in the know, Birmingham is UK’s second largest City In England after London. It’s only 55 minutes a train ride from London and a popular option for commuters into London City if you want to live and work from outside London.

Let me be clear, I’m no genius. I’m just an ambitious entrepreneur, like you, with a huge drive to succeed.

I will be running this business in addition to my already busy lifestyle, so if you have a 9 to 5 job (which isn’t related to e-commerce at all), you will understand that I probably will have to work hard on this project after work, or I may need to give up a few hours on the weekends – just like many of you who have jobs during the week would have to.

Even with all the obstacles in my way, I will demonstrate to you that it is possible to start a blog, then make serious money out of it by building multiple revenue streams through blogging. Having said that, the one thing I am convinced about this journey is, if I can do it, you too can start a blog, build it from $0 to $10,000/month in 24 months, give or take.

And I’ve got a surprise for you – You can sign up to win FREE web Hosting From Data Race Hero business package!

Now let’s talk about Starting a blog and how it works from beginning to the end.

Starting a blog sounds so simple, however, there is a common misconception about the ideal time for starting a blog, and I see people ask me about it often.

some of the common questions I get are valid concerns any new blog beginner would have, but others are just plain ignorance.

Often people say, “I don’t really know what to blog about I’m not really an expert in anything.

So the gist here is that somebody wants to start blogging, they may even have already set up their blog or they’re thinking about getting started with the blog but they just don’t know what to blog about.

The common challenge for beginners in the blogging industry is they don’t feel like they’re an expert in anything or they might say something like yeah “I’ll start blogging about that topic once I learned a little bit more about it.

I hear that one quite often actually or let us say you have just had a baby, you had put on weight and you plan to lose weight. While in your weight loss program, you want to share everything you are doing, from food recipes, workout routines to all the tools and gadgets you are using. In this case, the popular excuse they might say is well I haven’t really produced any results yet so I can’t really blog about that yet but once I produce the results I’ll start blogging about it.

And that’s a noble thing to say considering that the online scene is full of unfounded claims or BS. I completely understand the need for wanting to look genuine or legitimate.

Some have said to me that they just don’t really know what they could blog about that would be helpful to people. Usually, the issue is they question the idea why would people want to read their blog post if they are not an expert in that particular topic they want to write about.

Or another common one is they’ll say something like well the only thing I’m really an expert is blah blah! And usually whatever it is in the blank, is what they’re currently doing for a living like if they’re working at a full-time job, let’s say they are an administrative assistant or they work in retail or something like that maybe they’ve been doing it for decades, or whatever.

In many cases they’re really good at what they do, maybe that’s the one thing that you know that they’re an expert in because they’ve had a job doing that thing for so many years but that’s not what they want to blog about right.

The main reason for changing careers could be to do something new and adventurous, so they don’t enjoy doing their current 9-5, obviously that maybe the last thing they would want to blog about.
They want to get out of that industry they have other passions and things that they’re interested in, that’s what they want to blog about.

The challenge is they just don’t feel like they’re an expert in any of those new interests or passions and the only thing that they’re an expert in is doing the job that they don’t even like doing.

All in all, those are the most common excuses that sometimes comes up. Now here’s why I think a lot of people misunderstand the way starting a blog as a beginner works. And the situation why they kind of get stuck at this point before they even launch their blog.

Right before they even start a blog, they are thinking that they must become an expert first.

Okay, see most people think that the process of blogging looks something like this okay

so let’s say that there’s you, the little you blue square that’s you and you know let’s say you have interest in something.

What most people think is that the process that you know that they would have to go through in order to start a blog would be something like this, first of all, they would have to have an interest in something like a hobby or a passion or whatever it is that they would potentially want to blog about.

Then they think that they wouldn’t really start blogging yet.

And what they would do at this stage is to just become a blogging beginner. Similarly to what a trainee teacher would be in a training college, where he/she is nothing but a trainee.

That’s kind of when you hear people say well, I can’t really blog about this subject am only a newbie trying to learner everything then once I am qualified I would launch my blog as a pro.

Reality is even as a beginner, your interest could be in something that requires you to learn shooting a youtube video, for example, editing it and posting it on your youtube channel.

As an example, before you even shoot a video, you will first have to become a beginner who knows how to:

  1. Set some short and long-term Youtube Channel goals.
  2. Set up A Youtube Channel
  3. How to Pick A Niche Market For Your Youtube Channel
  4. How To Brand Your Youtube
  5. How Will Your Youtube Make Money
  6. What Equipment Youtube Video or Vloggers Use
  7. What Video Editing software for Youtube Video Is Best For Youtubers
  8. How to drive traffic to your youtube channel
  9. How to rank youtube videos for maximum viewership etc.

Everything listed above would be something a new Youtube Vlogger would need to know before starting a youtube.

The same process applies to starting a blog, as a blogging beginner, you want to know:

  1. Set some short and long-term blogging goals.
  2. Pick a domain name and blog hosting service from hosting providers.
  3. Set up or install WordPress Blog
  4. How to Pick A Niche Market For Your Blog
  5. How To Brand Your Blog
  6. How Will Your blog Make Money {Blog Monetization}
  7. What blogging tools will you Use
  8. What plugins, email marketing service, list building software Is Best For Your Blogging Goals.
  9. How to drive traffic to your blog
  10. How to rank blog posts for maximum readership etc.

Unfortunately, most people think that the cycle is kind of like this, you have an interest in something, then you become a beginner and after a couple months or say six months to a year later you become actually pretty good at that something you are interested.

Then after maybe one or two to three years goes by, you can now actually start to become an expert at something, and the idea is that at this point is when some people say well, I am at that level where I feel comfortable to call myself a captain of the industry, I may be able to start blogging.

If your thinking is like this, that’s kind of the typical cycle that most people think has to happen before you start blogging about a specific topic.

The logic is that they need to first have an interest in something, become a beginner to start doing it.

Then move on to become really good at it, becoming an expert, become a master and then they can start blogging about it.

What I just illustrated is kind of how most people think of the blogging process. They don’t think that way from a conscious perspective but just kind of what their mind goes to when they think about a topic they are interested in and their ability to engage with their audience.

So if I ask them like okay well what kind of stuff are you interested in, what kind of stuff, do you have a passion for and they start thinking well I’ve been thinking about becoming a Vlogger, I’ve been thinking about starting an evening work out club, or I’ve been thinking about running new mums, I want to do mud running marathon or something.

So they’re kind of at a stage where they’re just harboring an interest in something they haven’t even started yet.

At this stage, in their mind, they think “I really can’t blog about that I’m not really an expert at it so I can’t blog about that.

Doing all this back and forth will eventually end up going in circles for months or years with nothing to show for.

Here’s how starting a blog really works:

Let’s say you have an interest in something specific, guess what? You can start blogging about it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! As soon as you have an interest in Starting a youtube channel, you can actually start blogging about your journey to starting a youtube channel.

How it really works is that you start blogging about starting a youtube channel or starting a blog from the perspective of having an interest in how starting a blog works or how Vlogging works.

And then once you become a beginner, when you actually start your Youtube channel or doing whatever you set out to do, then you blog about it again.

You still keep blogging but now you’re blogging about it from a beginner’s perspective so you start blogging about it from the perspective of a beginner in Vlogging.

And then eventually over time once you become good at Vlogging, now you start blogging about it from the perspective of being good at Vlogging.

And eventually, if you keep practicing your passion or trade, you’ll become an expert at it and guess what? You start blogging about it from the perspective of being an expert and eventually, you will become a master at your trade and then you’d blog about it from the perspective of being a captain or a master of your industry.

Now here’s the thing what this basically shows you is that you can actually start blogging right at every stage of the game. It doesn’t matter if you have an interest in something if you’re a beginner if you’re good at it if you’re an expert or if you’re a master at it you can start blogging about it today.

if you enjoyed this video I recommend that you subscribe to my youtube channel there should be a subscribe button as well and you can also find more helpful content by visiting my blog at

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